Hypocrisy in Action

Posted: April 1, 2011 in Uncategorized

I spotted an article talking about Obama’s beast, his hefty Cadillac limo. With all the armor the weight of the vehicle basically requires a jet engine to move. But at the same time Obama is focused on changing government vehicles are environmentally correct.

Obama’s Beast: On the day when President Obama unveiled his “green fleet initiative” to ensure all new government vehicles run on electric, hybrid or alternative fuels by 2015

but Obama promises to cut those emissions 30 percent by 2020. A large part of that commitment is through the efficiency of new purchased government vehicles

So with the economy, Obama is focused on flipping existing government vehicles to efficient vehicles. The bummer there is nothing stated about how old or what vehicles would be replaced. It takes a lot of time to make up for the price of vehicle in gas savings.

Consumer Reports offers information on what it takes to cover the expense of a new vehicle vs gas mileage. To offer an example, if you go from a 24 mpg to a 34 mpg vehicle, $529.41 saved per year (if you drive 12k miles/year, with gas at $3.60/gallon).

Odds are the government turns over vehicles every 5 years. If they replace them odds are the vehicle will be at least $30k. It would take 5 years per vehicle to make up for the new expense. Odds are the government would “need” to upgrade for better gas mileage standards in 5 years. So in other words, there would NEVER be savings by the government.

Remember government math is a problem. They will over pay for a hammer or screw. Democrats can not figure out what “half-way” is when working with Republicans on the budget. Too many politicians thinks the answer is to spend more. The government also thinks Obamacare will save money, but for who?? Basic math states if you are offering the same to everyone, what was not extended before has to come from somewhere. But the government thinks their solutions will save people? That is like the theory of the homeowner who is told to make changes to their home in the amount of $10k and they will maybe make $5k back, that still is a $5k loss.

So the point about Obama’s Cadillac simply does not matter as much as replacing all government vehicles for better fuel efficiency. Ok another example.. it is like buying a brand new, state of the art computer or phone, and thinking you will be ahead of the curve in technology.. yet with in months that technology is outdated. Fuel standards will continue to change, safety requirements will continue to change, and government “needs” will continue to change. With each change there is waste, pure and simple.. we do not need more waste!


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