Muslims: Murder 12 & behead 2.

Posted: April 1, 2011 in Uncategorized

Katie Pavlich: Muslims took to the streets in Afghanistan today, storming a United Nations compound, resulting in the murders of at least 12 and the beheading of two. Those killed were guards and employees at the compound

Muslims, violent? Anyone who thinks the Muslim religion is peaceful, please review the actions many Muslims make in their name of their religion.

And the “reason” for them doing this, should not be a factor.. but just to cover the bases.. it was due to the nutjob Florida pastor who tried to arrange a Koran burning event, he apparently did burn one inside his church. That was wrong, but that did not warrant Muslims killing anyone! How does the killing of people hurt this nut job?

Does the burning of a religious book require murders? No, never.. not if they burned a bible, not if someone else burns the Koran, not if anyone burns any religious item. The action of burning or destroying or defacing an important symbol is definitely wrote.. but the way Muslims react is outrageous.

  1. Katie says:

    Over here in lib land, you would think that the pastor actually did the beheading.

    First – I do not condone his action. Did he have the right? Yes. Was it right? No.

    Now that that is done – the animal killers who hunted down innocent people, on the “excuse” that a nut in FL burned a book, should all be sent to hel*. No virgins for them, unless they are the rifle toting nuns…

    Question – how are you supposed to get rid of a Koran? There is a list of things that need to be done to properly dispose of a flag. Is there some way that people properly “bury” a Koran? Or are they going to reach the moon some day?

    • gypsy says:

      Katie so out there people are condemning Pastor-koran-burner? vs the nut jobs who actually did this mass killing? Wow.. that is scary and sad.

      His actions were wrong.. but one those nuts did not attack him.. they attacked other people, people not connected to the pastor. Yet they can justify their action.. based on their religion.

      And anyone who would defend the actions of either the murderers or the nutty pastor, are both wrong.. really a screwed up world eh?

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