Government does NOT know best.

Posted: April 6, 2011 in Uncategorized

Even if you are not pro-gun, the situation with the sleazy secrets the government has hidden in order to create more gun-bans, should be something that makes you open your eyes. It is not just about gun-bans, or anti-gun issues.. because this is just one of many arenas the government plays an agenda game. If they have a plan, if there is something they want to do.. they will find new and interesting ways to hide the truth, spin a story based on what they want the public to believe in order to gain support, or just to simply slip it by the public.

Remember just because something the government is slipping through at that moment, might not affect you (directly).. does not mean the next item won’t. The reality is every action affects everyone, one way or another.. it is either the start of a snow-ball effect, or the first domino.. however you want to view it, each government power-grab affects us all, it affects our rights and freedoms.

 Chuck Norris points out (Hillary) Clinton & (Eric) Holder’s focus to renew (Bill) Clinton’s 1994 gun-ban (it expired in 2004). They tried to use Mexican violence as their go-to, but it was the government that handed guns to Mexican criminals (Operation Fast & Furious)

Chuck Norris:As it turns out, the ATF was already aware of efforts by shady characters to undertake mass gun purchases in border states, because law-abiding gun dealers reported the attempted purchases voluntarily. But ATF agents acting on “orders from Washington” encouraged gun dealers to complete these transactions against the dealers’ better judgment. Worse yet, the guns — thousands of them — then were allowed to be smuggled, or “walked,” into Mexico and into the hands of drug cartels. And worst of all, these guns now are turning up at crime scenes — including where a U.S. federal agent was murdered.

To further mask the fact that they armed those criminals, the government is handling the “investigation”. Basically this would be the same as having the suspect gather evidence from their own crime scene. The operation was approved from the top levels of our government… and Mexico is not pleased..  naturally Obama claims no fault (I am surprised he did not blame Bush, in fact looking at Obama’s dance, it almost sounds like he is looking for a way to blame Bush. Note: I bolded a few key words..)

Barack Obama himself was questioned about the scandal by a reporter from Spanish-language station Univision. He quickly passed the buck, claiming ignorance of the operation and saying, “There may be a situation here (in) which a serious mistake was made, and if that’s the case, then we’ll find out and we’ll hold somebody accountable.” But a presidential effort to pin the tail on the donkey ignores the tremendous scope of “Fast and Furious,” which apparently involved personnel from not only the ATF and Justice but also the Homeland Security and State departments. Any attempt to lay this massive botch at the feet of an individual ignores systemic problems that “Fast and Furious” illustrates in the federal bureaucracy.

Chuck offers great advice to the White House:

 In the meantime, proponents of gun control — including the White House — should focus on bringing U.S. government agencies into compliance with our existing laws before pushing new restrictions on the rest of us.

John Stossel, offers another story that shows how various liberal states are trying other options to essentially disarm citizens, through exposure..

If you own a gun in Illinois, take precautions. The state attorney general, Lisa Madigan, wants to release the names of guns owners in response to an Associated Press request. Publication of that list would tell the criminal class where the guns are, which could be useful to two different sorts of lawbreakers: gun thieves who want to know where the guns are and burglars who want to know where they are not.

New York City released its list recently at The New York Times’ request. It included “dozens of boldface names and public figures: prominent business leaders, elected officials, celebrities, journalists, judges and lawyers,” the Times reported. It then named names.

Mr. Stossel explains the liberal perspective as to why this is happening..

People who want the lists made public say the disclosure is necessary to assure that government doesn’t issue permits to felons. They point to an AP report that gun permits were given to hundreds of felons in Florida, Tennessee and Indiana. So because government is not competent enough to obey its own rules, the rest of us must have our privacy compromised? I don’t buy it.

To reinforce the problem.. revealing who has a conceal & carry defeats the purpose of conceal & carry. Might as well say anyone who is carrying a gun also wear a sandwich board saying “hey criminal I am armed”. This is a double-edged sword, it disarms the armed, and makes those who are not armed into targets. Who is this benefiting? Who is being protected? Basically they are taking away the point of conceal & carry, naturally their end goal is  to expand gun-bans.

What is the anti-gun counterpoint? They don’t think criminals would use such lists to commit crime. Really, wow what utopia do they live in? Surely criminals play by the rules, right? (note sarcasm).

Remember that the government keeps growing, and it never ends well. The more power they have the more rights we lose. The more power they have the less effective this country becomes.

  1. Bodrie says:

    It is a slippery slope we find ourselves on every time the liberals slip something into bills that have no relation, that further restrict our freedom. They hope we won’t notice, and many times we don’t. They know they can’t attack our freedoms outright so they nibble away at them with little inocuous scemes like publishing the names of gun owners, or restricting the size of gun magazines, all with a more fullfiling objective (to them).

    This weekend the government is shutting down because the Democrats won’t sign a budget that defunds Planned Parenthood. But maybe, for at least one a few days, the government won’t keep growing.

    A Gun Enthusiast Speaks

    • gypsy says:

      Bodrie, great response, thank you. That is a crucial point, and the problem too many people suffer from they just trust, and go with the flow.

      I have a knee jerk response to ask questions first. I may not know why, but I want the proof before I agree to something.

      It just baffles me that the masses elect these people. That they trust them, they accept everything at face value. It worse than being a shame, it screws all of us.

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