Obama’s Perpetual Campaign.

Posted: April 7, 2011 in Uncategorized

I have said it before, but let me say it again.. Obama’s ONLY job has been campaigning. The positions he has held in the past were only temporary stepping-stones to get to the next political stone (achievement is a good thing, but his focus has not been centered around achievement but power and attention). He has spent more time campaigning than jobs he has held.. It is interesting though with all the crap hitting the fan that he would opt to push forward with his next campaign, when he is not even challenged. I am also curious about those who donate to his campaign, why? Why are they donating/contributing? Well heck guess we are all (forced) to contribute, as he is basically being paid as he campaigns (again). Yet, Did he ever stop campaigning? Will he ever stop campaigning? If only he could actually find a job that was simply to campaign he would find his life niche, I think those are called celebrities, right?

Note: He was a Senator January 3, 2005 – November 16, 2008. His presidential campaign stated in 2007. So barely 2 years into being a Senator, he was campaigning for president. Barely 2 years of being president he started refocusing on campaigning again (though I really do not think he ever stopped). 

Let me step back further, seems he is consistent with a 2-3 year attention span for anything, and surely more like a year before he is pondering other options.

  • 1985-1988, community organizer
  • 1988-1991, traveling and going to school
  • 1991-1995 writing his memoirs (published in 1995) He was only 30 and writing his “memoirs” of what?? Not much of a life at that point, really, pointless.
  • 1992-1996 U of Chicago Law (which the idea of Chicago Law makes me snicker) then was lecturing 1996-2004. That apparently was the longest he “did” anything. From 1993-2004 he also mixed in political activities at the same time.  Plus campaigning for political positions also mixed in there too.
  • 1997-2004 Illinois Senator. Barely in 3 years and he was campaigning for House of Representatives then for US Senate.
  • 2000 he ran for House of Representatives, and lost. 2002 he started campaigning for US Senate.
  • 2005-2008 US Senate, barely in US Senate and he was campaigning for President.
  • 2009- current.. barely “president” and he is re-campaigning.

AP News Even without a Democratic challenger, President Barack Obama is planning an aggressive role in early primary states. His operatives are already moving in, organizing volunteers and raising money to answer Republican attacks and do what they can to weaken the GOP’s strongest challengers.

With the election 19 months away, Obama’s campaign could keep a low profile while Republicans pummel each other. But he won’t be content to watch passively as his potential rivals duke it out.

So rather than doing the job he ran for, he would prefer to jump into the campaign mix. Again this shows his inability to do his job, his lack of interest in it. Just like a child getting bored with a toy, he needs a new distraction. As things get tough.. Obama gets going.

Obama & team are concerned about counter acting any attacks against him. Yet so many of his actions are displayed for us, sure many are hidden by the liberal media, there is so much that it has been impossible to bury all those details. Perhaps the activity of Obama’s campaigning will end up raising more of those facts!

Democratic officials say the Obama campaign efforts are extraordinary, especially so early and for a president with no party challenger. The strategy reflects Democrats’ belief that Obama can again raise huge sums of money, giving his operatives the luxury of starting now and competing, somewhat mischievously perhaps, in states where the spotlight ordinarily would fall on Republicans alone.

Now if Obama can’t raise as much money as he hopes to, perhaps he will be discouraged and bail out early on. He has a proven record of short attention span to handle anything, hopefully he will throw in the towel early. Perhaps the exposure of all his lies and proof of all his ineptness will also quash his campaign.

Since his 2008 election, Obama has kept at least one paid political staffer in every state on the Democratic Party’s payroll. Soon, those offices will expand dramatically in Iowa, New Hampshire, Nevada and a few other early voting states. The Obama campaign will pay some workers, and state Democratic parties will pay others.

The plan of attack, is to attack… wait wasn’t Obama swearing some bipartisan stuff before? Yeah, we see how well he kept that promise, and as he preps for the next election, he already is planning to attack Republicans. Of course Obama will continue to “play” president, while his lackeys pull the punches..

Independent groups, which are not supposed to coordinate with the official campaign, will pour resources into the early voting states, too. They have a freer hand to attack Republican candidates while Obama stays away and remains presidential.

What framework will Obama and gang work from? They can’t play the “hope/change” thing. Yet he has not accomplished anything to build from. So what on earth does he think he can work from? Though his bobble heads, think they can play off a “middle class” card. They really think they can energize their old voters.. wow, really? Look at his approval rating, he has been quite consistently below 50% since July 2009 (the info below shows his strong approval has been below 30% for that length of time). The thrill dropped fast! Just 6 months after he entered office his approval dropped dramatically, and never bounced back.

  1. Dennis C. Halterman says:

    Please remember that Obama is achieving his objective of turning our Country into a Socialist
    entity. His program has been set a long time ago.Do not try to explain this to a ” standard ”
    Democrat. They dont know any better and have been brained washed forever ( just like the
    bulk of Germans, while Hitler went wild ). Read Obama’s book and see how well he is achieving
    his objective. After that is done the next step is Communism where he will have to take on the
    Muslisim world. The United States will be long gone by that time ( unless the Tea Party is able
    to prevail)

    • gypsy says:

      Dennis, true.. but some times I suffer from desires of self abuse and try to have a logical discussion with a liberal. I know banging my head against a brick wall would be far less painful.. but I have this (fading) glimmer of hope.. maybe, just maybe, I can break one of them out of their illusion bubble and into reality. I am gonna keep hanging onto that hope, while reviewing survival tactics for when we all end up have a WW2 Germany existance.. sigh. Thank you again Dennis.

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