Obamacare Repeal: More ceremonial chess moves

Posted: April 9, 2011 in Uncategorized

More ceremonial action.. but there is always a flicker of hope. With the budget negotiations, Republicans have included a measure to further debate/vote on  Obamacare. They are also requiring Obamacare be studied & reviewed, wow, what a neat idea! That brings the spot light back to the fact that Democrats crammed a law through that had nothing behind it, add they never read it in the first place.

Foxnews: The deal also requires several studies that will force the Obama administration to disclose the full impact of the law’s mandates, including a study on the cost of premiums; an audit of all the waivers given to businesses and unions that can’t meet the new annual coverage limits; and a report on all of the contractors who have been hired to implement the law and the cost of those contracts to taxpayers.

They do expect this to not get the desired result, of repealing Obamacare, but it is part of a political platform for the next election. Naturally the idea of this being tied in with a political perspective is unnerving. Yet I still want to see this abomination eliminated!

More points from Townhall:

Obama stood firm against GOP attempts to block the Environmental Protection Agency’s ability to issue global warming rules and other reversals of environmental regulations. Obama’s wins on the environment were matched by a bitter battle in which he said no way to GOP demands to cut off Planned Parenthood from federal help. The results, taken together, pleased core Democratic constituencies of environmentalists and women.

Yup you heard that right, Obama still is standing firm on the Global-Warming freak-show, and (taxpayer paid) Abortions for-all under the Planned Parenthood Abortionhood group. Keeping Global-Warming crap & Abortions trumps cutting overinflated spending frenzy.

So was there any actual cuts? Or were the cuts imaginary? Remember government math is always a factor!

Some $18 billion of the spending cuts involve cuts to so-called mandatory programs whose budgets run largely on autopilot. To the dismay of budget purists, these cuts often involve phantom savings allowed under the decidedly arcane rules of congressional budgeting. They include mopping up $2.5 billion in unused money from federal highway programs and $5 billion in fudged savings from capping payments from a Justice Department trust fund for crime victims

Naturally Obama took credit, and patted his own back, for “success” of the budget negotiations…

As a result, about 800,000 federal workers avoided furloughs while national parks and Washington’s tourist attractions remained open Saturday. Obama made a surprise visit to the Lincoln Memorial Saturday afternoon, to the delight of tourists at the monument.

“Because Congress was able to settle its differences … this place is open today,” Obama said. “And that’s the kind of future cooperation I hope we have going forward.”

Wins? & Losses…

  • Obama won pell-grants, and grants for better schools.
  • Anti-abortion mini-win, blocking taxpayer-funded abortions in DC (I do hope that catches on in the rest of the US!).
  • Win for Federally funded vouchers for DC students. A better win would be killing off unions, so we can improve schools across the board and eliminate dead-weight teachers.

So much of the political negotiating is merely muck.. they are symbolic, and based on imaginary numbers… like the Democrats claiming meeting middle-ground because they claim savings in spending that was stopped before it could begin.


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