Buyer Beware: Trump’s (Eminent Domain) Empire.

Posted: April 23, 2011 in Uncategorized

The upside to a long battle to the finish line (for our election process) is facts being revealed, or our memories being refreshed. It is very easy to gloss over & forget past actions of various individuals. If we tried to keep track of all the devious activities of politicians (or politician wanna-bes) we would all surely go mad!

From Michelle Malkin, about Donald Trump.

Don’t be fooled by The Donald. Take it from one who knows: I’m a South Jersey gal who was raised on the outskirts of Atlantic City in the looming shadow of Trump’s towers. All through my childhood, casino developers and government bureaucrats joined hands, raised taxes and made dazzling promises of urban renewal. Then we wised up to the eminent-domain thievery championed by our hometown faux free-marketeers.

America, it’s time you wised up to Donald Trump’s property redistribution racket, too

These “projects” always get a bend & twist by the media to make them appear positive. I recall the Inner-Harbor (Baltimore) project, which simply made an incredibly over priced area in the middle of a slum, basically bringing the victims to the door step of criminals. The Inner Harbor was blighted, yes.. honestly still is, but where do you stop when removing a problem? Where is the line drawn? And where do those who lived there go? They just magically go away? Do their lives suddenly improve? No they are just relocated, to a new slum, or make a slum out of an existing area.

I had easily forgotten the events in Jersey that Trump was tied to. And as we are starting the election season, we  all need to remember.. fast!

 In the 1990s, he waged a notorious war on elderly homeowner Vera Coking, who owned a little home in Atlantic City that stood in the way of Trump’s manifest land development. The real estate mogul was determined to expand his Trump Plaza and build a limo parking lot — Coking’s private property be damned. The nonprofit Institute for Justice, which successfully saved Coking’s home, explained the confiscatory scheme:

“Unlike most developers, Donald Trump doesn’t have to negotiate with a private owner when he wants to buy a piece of property, because a governmental agency — the Casino Reinvestment Development Authority or CRDA — will get it for him at a fraction of the market value, even if the current owner refuses to sell.

So Buyer Beware… look at your candidate carefully, else we could easily wind up with another Carter or Obama.

  1. Katie says:

    Trump is definitely not “my man”. Yes, he’s a businessman, which is an advantage, and yes, it is a large billion dollar business.

    But, how many times has he filed for bankruptcy? So, maybe he can help our country file out the Chapter 11 (or whatever would be a national bankruptcy chapter…) paperwork, but besides filing repeatedly for bankruptcy, what else does he bring to the table?

    Yes, he’s outspoken, but that is not always a good thing.

    He’s a shoeboat, and I don’t think we need another, right after Obama.

    Family wise – well, at one point it would have been a problem. He’s had as many wives as Obama, Sr., but at least his have not been at the same time….

    But, I really remember the eminent domain thing. I remember Atlantic City before the casinos, and I have seen it since. OK – Trump and his casino buddies stole property, with the help of the gov. They promised jobs and a better economy. Have you been there, recently? To safely navigate AC, drive immediately to the casino. Do not stop. At least the casinos will rob you legally, and without the gun to your head. Literally across the street from the casinos (yes, not even the next block, but across the street) is the dangerous section….

    AC used to be a family friendly beach, with its steal pier and its diving horse…. Now, well, not so much…

    • gypsy says:

      Katie, I think the eminent domain thing is the big issue for me too.. I don’t care as much about his show-boating, i think the business part is a bonus.. but it is his scruples that concern me.. he knows how to bend & twist laws to his desires, and as president imagine how far he can go with what he already knows how to do.. scary.

      Atlantic City, honestly don’t think I have ever been there.. I have been through NJ, but not specifically AC.. but NJ on a whole is bad enough.. heck even as a kid I remember my father’s response to driving through NJ.. roll up the windows, duck & hide.. same response for Baltimore & NY City too.. yet my father grew up in the city, and was part of a gang, figure that one out (maybe he just knows much-too-much?)

      Now if it comes down to Obama & Trump.. who will you opt for?

      That is the painful part.. when you think about it.. after several years of the people of the US, demanding obama’s birth cert, he refused.. Trump a few moments with a microphone.. and Obama hands it over.. what does Obama fear in Trump, what does Trump have on Obama.. or was this more of a shiny-object to throw us off of something else Obama is up to.. there is so much more to this..and I am extremely curious!

  2. Katie says:

    Obama v Trump. Time to find another country. Honestly, didn’t Trump run as a Dem at one point? So, you’d have a dem v a dem…

    Mind you, I’d love to have someone who has been responsible for something…. A gov, who had to run a state, or a business leader, who had to run a successful business. But, someone who actually had to make decisions, and not just have to posture after the decision was made….

    But Trump has not successfully run a business. He is successful at marketing himself, however, but as we know Obama was also good at that…

    I am not convinced that Trump isn’t being supported by Dems. Either because you would have Obama v Obama-lite, or because Trump could run as the third party spoiler….

    How about Marco Rubio? Or Allan West? Or another candidate who actually has fiscally conservative values?? Paul Ryan, maybe??

    Just not Trump….

    • gypsy says:

      I see that too, (Trump = democrat).. I don’t recall what he ran under before.. need to check that.. and the birth cert thing just seems so staged, like the two of them are into something. There is something dirty going on.. don’t know what (yet).. but crap usually floats, so it has to come up sooner or later, right?

      Ok on wikipedia here is what they note:
      Political party Registered Republican(c. 1987–1999; 2009–present),
      Democrat (2001-09)[3]
      Reform Party (1999-2000)[4]

      So he was a Democrat until Obama entered office.. but he was a Republican before 2000.. and visited the Reform party briefly. So he definitely has some inconsistencies there.. but for me, besides which party he is.. there is just something else that is nagging me.. and i know to trust my gut.

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