Bloated Government

Posted: April 27, 2011 in Uncategorized

Ann Coulter points out the ridiculous in government so flawlessly, to Obama’s statement that “we contribute to programs like Medicare & Social Security”, Ann calls him out…

Except we don’t “contribute.” We are compelled under threat of imprisonment to take out a joint checking account with the government. Ask Wesley Snipes what happens when you fail to “contribute” sufficient alms to Uncle Sam. It’s easy to find him: He’s sitting in the McKean Federal Correctional Institution in Pennsylvania.

We also are forced to “contribute” to welfare, planned parenthood, and so many other programs that we have no choice or say in. We suffer by the majority who find their way to vote, and re-elect people who are not representing our best interest, or what we want period.

When it comes to the monstrous deficit the lingers over America, we have the answers, but the government does not want to listen. They need to cut back on their own feeding frenzy. The government’s answer to the job issues, and economy, is to add more redundant and useless government employees. Ann adds humor to that disturbing reality too..

The downside of Obama’s exponentially expanding government — to the detriment of the private sector — is that it is now impossible for young people to find work.

But there’s also good news! Now there are plenty of government social workers to counsel the unemployed through their depression over not being able to find a job and to process their unemployment checks.

The unholy alliance between unionized government workers and elected Democrats has led to an explosion in taxpayer-funded government employees, who, incidentally, can never be fired.

Ahh so much baggage that could be tossed out.. unions, government workers… and like Ann points out, “taxpayer funded” or as Obama puts it “contributed” . (cringe).

Ann talks about a 1980 PBS series that went through the lengthy steps to fire a consistently late typist. Nearly 2 years, nearly 2 dozen steps had to be followed before termination could be completed. It also required numerous individuals, departments, and offices. Again this was a typist. And of course we (the taxpayers) pay for every individual involved, every step, every minute. The reason these people end up keeping their jobs, it is too expensive to fire them (sheesh sounds like the argument about not executing murderers). The result this inept typist eventually qualified as “Civil Servant of the Year”, boy does that say it all?

Also noted was the number of employees who surfed porn all day, everyday, filling their computers, spilling over to down loading on dvds/cds. We paid those sleaze balls around $100k to over $200k a year.

This is the problem with these air-tight jobs, and unions. People who simply can not be fired. There are no question many people who should be fired. And even worse yet when we are paying them, we should also have a chance to review (and fire them). Think also about (unionized) teachers, these people are involved in the future of our country, and too many just don’t give a crap.

So dear gov’t look at all the areas the budget can be cut, why have you not started yet? Hint, stop adding more government employees, then start cutting off the dead weight from there. With the overpaid government employees we should be getting refunds for the excess in the budget in no time!


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