Obama’s Bad Choices: another activist pastor

Posted: April 27, 2011 in Uncategorized

Bill O’Reilly has a little article about Obama’s choices in preachers. I say Obama is consistent, and wonder why this issue continues to get buried. He consistently favors activists, socialists and people with  a proven Anti-American/American-hating focus.

His focus on being black is rather odd too. Was he not abandoned by his black father, and raised by his white side? He sure has not had to struggle for anything, and did not attend cheap colleges. He has been handed every break imaginable and then some, yet seems to favor the “man-got-ya-down” type preachers.

Obama went from Reverend Wright, to Reverend Wallace Charles Smith, yet another race-activist. And these guys are not just having road side protests on their off-days, they are performing a protest on the pulpit. Reverend Smith is still focused on the 3/5th reference that was removed in 1865 with the 13th Amendment. So this man is angry about something that has been defunct for nearly 1 1/2 centuries?? 

Why do black people need to revolve their lives around slavery? They use it in slang, music, justification for various actions, crime, bad choices, just anything they think is a barrier in their life. How is something that was eliminated nearly 150 years ago affecting them now? How is the “man” keeping them down, now? They have affirmative action, special grants, extra protection due to their race.. so if those things are keeping them down we should be kind and even the playing field (and really I think we should). It is actually quite unfair, it assumes they can not get or keep a job without a law, or get into college with out special privileges, etc. They need the same equal opportunities, it obviously is affecting their overall life, and attitude to the world.

Blacks were not the only slaves. Yet do you hear any other race that was affected demanding special privileges? There is a point of character and strength one can have if they choose to build from the past rather than sink beneath it.

So what does choosing that church, that pastor, say about Obama? Again look at his history, he is consistent. He looked to Wright, he looked up to Wright. Now sitting through a sermon with Smith, as he focuses on slavery, did Obama stir? Did he remove himself? Or did he sit and listen?

We are affected by the company we keep and choices we make. While we can all make mistakes, it is repeating them that is the problem. Obama continues to prove he makes bad choices, and he prefers people who have activist or anti-American agendas, again, what does that say about him? I think it says alot, and none of it is pleasant.

  1. Katie says:

    If you are going to talk about Obama’s spiritual advisor, don’t forget Rev. Jim Wallis, a radical redistribution junkie…


    Most recently, he has attacked Paul Ryan who is a “bully” and a “hypocrit” who has never been around poor people…


    Yes, I’d say that Obama is entirely consistent with his spiritual choices….

    • gypsy says:

      fascinating that Obama’s “spiritual” advisor is giving financial/economic advice???

      And the part where he is calling Ryan a bully, yet Wallis is saying that the rich need to be “picked on”.. isn’t that not unlike the bully stealing another child’s lunch money?

      And listening to that man, if he spoke another language, he would still give me the impression he is a radical extremist.. just by his tone & his expressions.

      The company obama keeps.. it is consistent, and sadly it is not getting the attention it should be.. more people need to be aware of what/who he is.. but these factors are buried.

      Now hearing bin laden was confirmed dead, obama will take ownership of that.. do you feel yourself sinking in the muck, too?

  2. Katie says:

    Yes, I am laughing about Wallis’ frequent use of the term “bully”, which is now so overused it is rendered virtually meaningless…. Anyone who doesn’t agree with them is now a bully, and they are not only the writer of the definition, but the judge and jury also….

    Think about the GLSTB (and whatever other initials they have added…) causes. If a child makes fun of Johnny, who is wearing a dress (a normal response), the child is now called a bully, while no one will tell Johnny the truth – boys should not wear dresses, and if they insist on it, expect people to ridicule you….

    • gypsy says:

      Bullied by the word bully.. I think is how we could refer to it now.. overused & over-abused. Just like the word “racism”…

      And the parents who put their little boy in a dress, and expect him to not be teased, demand he be accepted, and think everyone should bend to their odd choices.. they really should just home-school or get a tutor.. kids have enough to deal with, enough in discovering who they are, where they belong, then to have their parents allowing them to be odd.. so is it ok for kids to wear halloween costumes in school too? will it be ok for them to wear neck bolts, fans, capes, sheets, etc? there is a place for everything.. and there is a point of not wearing a fur coat in the woods during hunting season.. there are just some things that make someone a walking target.

      there is a point of appearance.. would a person feel confident & comfortable, if their doctor had face tattoos, body/facial piercings, purple hair, and gold capped front teeth? While that may work in a bar, strip club, or tattoo parlor.. seeing a doctor, lawyer, or librarian like that might not quite work out.. and kids learn these things early on.

      will those parents have a fit when the child shops for a job, and complain their little boy in a dress was denied a job.. impressions count, and as much as people don’t want thier kid to be teased, that is part of conditioning ourselves to what the world is.. and that toughing makes us stronger people on many levels..

      so this crap is just softening kids further.

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