Obama Claims Bin Laden Kill.

Posted: May 2, 2011 in America, Politics

Last night when I heard about Bin Laden being killed, I said how long before Obama takes full credit. By morning we saw the proof. Here is one clip from Real Clear Politics (thank you Katie). If you have the stomach to listen/watch Obama for over 9 minutes (that will feel like hours) visit FoxNews for the smug, long-winded, babbling by Obama. Suddenly the anti-war candidate, now sounds like he supports defending our country, and supports the war effort that led to the kill of Bin Laden.

I did expect him to use the words “I & Me” more than he actually did, but it does start off with “at MY direction”, and the pretension is thick as he points out how long Bin Laden has been a threat, add there were no civilian casualties, and no Americans were harmed. I am surprised he did not pop up charts showing what happened when Bush fought Bin Laden, but well the event is still new, I am sure he is working on that as we speak.

We know Obama will make a huge spotlight on himself, he will pat himself on the back for “all HE has done”.. wait didn’t he insist on pulling troops out, wasn’t he hell-bent on closing Gitmo? He was dead set against interrogation of any kind.  Wasn’t a HUGE part of his argument against Bush focused on terrorism? Well I will credit, when credit is due.. and I found this article from 2007 during Obama’s campaign.  The article mentions Bush holding back, so not to damage Pakistan relations with the US. Obama had visited Pakistan during his college years, he knew it on a more personal level, and he also knew their flaws because of that personal connection. He saw that Pakistan was being deceptive.

Democratic presidential candidate Illinois Sen. Barack Obama called not only for a withdrawal of U.S. troops from Iraq, but a redeployment of troops into Afghanistan and even Pakistan — with or without the permission of Pakistan President Pervez Musharraf.

So perhaps the fact that Obama is a deceptive individual gives him a better viewing angle with other deceptive individuals? He does not play by the rules, he is not aware of policy, his world is ruled by (excuse the reference) jungle warfare, where it is kill or be killed. So the same person who had people largely believe he was a peaceful/anti-war person, was not the case at all? Heck so much so he was handed a Nobel Peace Prize.

I hear people celebrating the death of Bin Laden, as though he was the one and only threat to our country? I am sorry I can not celebrate, I know there are more nuts lined up behind him, if not armies encouraged to retaliate. So it is time to reinforce, not to retreat. I still have a knee jerk belief that is and would be Obama response, well we got Bin Laden we are done now. But we are not, we never will be. The world will never circle a campfire, the world will always have people who just want what you have, or want you dead.. pure and simple.

Tracking back on what lead to Bin Laden (finally) being taken down, it started with September 11th detainees, you know the Same September 11th that conspiracy theorists claim was a hoax? Ok well that “conspiracy” lead to people who were interrogated, or interviewed..  nearly a decade later, lead to bread crumbs that finally found Bin Laden. Elisabeth Meinecke offers more details on what was found, quite an impressive compound. The big issue that I am hearing is that Pakistan did not tell us about this compound, nearby a military base. They are saying Pakistan was acting like they just did not know it was there. That does not surprise me, what surprises me with all the technology out there, all the satellites, etc.. how on earth we did not have maps of the area. Such a compound would stick out like a sore thumb, and then we could inquire what it is. Being we already had information that described it, we honestly should have known what it was. So where is the break down here? What happened that allowed this guy to “hide” in plain sight for so long?

What I also find interesting relates to the “death toll”… one was a woman, that a man used as his shield. Does that not tell you a lot about those people? This alone should explain why we can not and should not “make friends” with people who harbor terrorists!

The total death toll was four adult males killed — bin Laden, and supposedly the two couriers and bin Laden’s son– and one woman, who one of the men used as a human shield. Two women were also injured in the attack.

The upside is Obama has still over a year to continue screwing up, and hopefully not end up being re-elected. The downside, the sheep out there could make this their new reason to adore him.

A thought about this re-uniting America has been tossed around. I listened to a report with Chris Ingram (411 communications), who captures my view on what will happen. Just like the thought about the horror of 9-11 bringing America together, the same holds true for the death of Bin Laden. There may be a temporary joining, but it will return to business as usual quickly. The only thing that allowed the 9-11 after affect to last was due to the mess that was left behind, the clean up and the body count. We quickly had people claiming 9-11 was a hoax, conspiracy, or the government did it. With Bin laden the body has already been disposed of, there is nothing left to review, ponder, or see. So whatever unifying factor this gives our country, politics will again be a top decaying factor.

  1. mdebusk says:

    It pains me a bit, but I’m going to give Obama some credit for the kill. Not as much as he WANTS, mind you, but some.

    During his campaign, he talked about pulling troops out, shutting prisons down, and so on. I thought to myself, he’ll never do it. I guessed correctly.

    I figured that if doing those things was a good idea, Bush would do it before the election, and that if it was a bad idea, Obama would be made privy to that early on and would back away.

    It would have been easy for him to keep his promises and then blame the American People when it all went sour. He didn’t do that. He did the same thing the Left criticized Bush for doing: staying the course. And, like Bush, he was eventually shown to be right.

    I’m sure he’ll try to paint a picture of himself pulling the very trigger of the very gun that fired the very bullet that ended bin Laden’s career. Some might even buy it. Most won’t. 🙂

    • gypsy says:

      I am with you .. and I did give him some credit there too, but I still do not trust him.. i also wonder if the reason he had success was due to him being so deceptive. Kinda like you need a criminal to catch the thief, or know they enemy type thing, I think he KNEW them well.

      Bush was too reserved in the situation, trying to keep peace.. interesting though is how Obama and all the libs out there attacked Bush for being thriving on war etc. Bush was far more of a pacifist, but just always amazed me he was painted as otherwise.

      I just really hope this “success” does not lift Obama up, and hand him 2012.. His deck is being stacked, with the Trump/Birth cert item.. and immediately adding Bin Laden.. this is not a good scenario for getting him out.

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