Intolerant on Tolerance? Unaccepting Acceptance?

Posted: May 17, 2011 in Uncategorized

Mike Adams has a funny article about “Tolerance”, visit Townhall for the article.

He talks about the problem of people who use the word “acceptance” & “tolerance” but seem to have no clue what on earth  it means. They can be students, professors, any walk of life.. but if they attack saying you are “intolerant” simply because you do not agree with what ever they think you should agree with.. they are the individuals we are talking about.

This is not unlike the abuse of other words like “racism”, or many other “isms”.. it has turned into a battle cry or ignorant attack. Ask the person using those words to explain.. and watch them stumble.

Thinking of the issue of “tolerance” made think about  a South Park episode..Check out South Park’s “Tolerance Camp” episode.

After Mr Garrison does every perverted act he can to get fired based on being gay, in the effort to collect a huge settlement for discrimination, the town throws him an award celebration instead where he makes a speech to the brainwashed town.. “Tolerant, but not stupid, just because you have to tolerate something does not mean you have to approve of it”. .. “tolerate means you are just putting up with it”. The town people get it, and toss Garrison into the “tolerance camp”.

I think that episode offers one of the best descriptions of what is wrong with the misconceptions between tolerance & acceptance. Like Garrison says “you can tolerate something but it can still piss you off!”


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