Presidential Race 2012: Who is out? Rather, who is IN?

Posted: May 17, 2011 in Uncategorized

So who will actually run for 2012, beside’s Obama?

Huckabee bailed out, really not a surprise there. Trump jumped too, also not a surprise.

On  Townhall they talked about Gingrich burning his campaign bridges, but did he have much left there. He has been exposed fast, and so much more than we really ever wanted to know. Maybe he needs to buddy up to Obama and learn how to build a “transparent” brick wall? And like the writer, I had some hope for Newt. He had experience, he had potential. At this point the only people he will win over are those who are bailing (or will bail) on Obama.

But I do want to touch on Trump as a topic for a moment. Is he really out? I have felt he is following the Perot-program. Rich man seeks political position, changes his mind, then back, and yet again. I think Trump is like a shark circling the boat, looking for a weak point. He is waiting for all the competition to jump out first before he attacks.

What I see is later this year, if there are no strong candidates, I see Trump jumping back into the game. Trump does not like to lose, but if he sees a good win he will be in. He has already aired his dirty laundry, so there won’t be anything new to reveal. The excitement of Bin-Laden will be old news. Another facet that will draw him in, is if the economy is still miserable or worse (and I highly doubt will be improving), so he will do his businessman song & dance.. as desperate voters will be willing to take that risk.

Something else I imagine, there is a chance he would jump on the vp option… IF, the presidential candidate is Palin or Bachmann. I can’t see him as a vp with a man, but I can see him being a vp with a woman president.

I would love to know your opinions on this, as well as what you are seeing simmering in the election pot. Hey has anyone heard a peep from Pawlenty? He was one I was seriously considering but seems he went into hiding. His silence is returning my eyes to look for other options.. and at this point if a roach ran I would see it as a better option, well certainly over Obama.

Hot Air has some 2012 election chatter (about Michele Bachmann & Herman Cain).


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