Don’t Ban the Spud!

Posted: May 18, 2011 in Uncategorized

There always seems to be some food under attack. Is it because the USDA really cares about us? Or is it a political agenda? Or are they just that bored?

I am trying to think of all the foods that have been under attack over the years, eggs were a big favorite, but now it is potatoes, corn, peas.. and anything they think has starch in it. You know those few veggies kids actually eat.

Townhall has a great article on this.. including a politician who offered an intelligent argument to why potatoes should not be banned.

Townhall Food fight! This time, the US Department of Agriculture is proposing a ban on white potatoes (any kind except the sweet potato) in school meals. Under the USDA proposal, schools would be required to limit servings of starchy vegetables (potatoes, corn, peas, etc.) to one cup per week.

One school district that will be affected is in Gooding, Idaho. The school, a previous recipient of USDA award for providing healthy meals, will no longer be able to offer it’s ‘potato bar’, in which they serve potatoes with beans and other vegetables.

Susan Collins, a Republican Senator from Maine brought a potato and a head of lettuce to a USDA budget hearing to make her point:

  • One medium white potato contains nearly twice the vitamin C “as this entire head,” she said, asking: “So my question, Mr. Secretary, is what does the department have against potatoes?”

Comparing nutrition-free celery, or lettuce.. they have their points sure, but Isn’t part of the point to teach kids balance? That these foods work together, to teach them moderation and proper diet? Not to just completely forgo something because if it is consumed in mass quantities it could be bad for them?


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