O’Reilly interviews Jon Stewart: On 2012 Candidates.

Posted: May 18, 2011 in Uncategorized

On Townhall a great interview by O’Reilly with Jon Stewart.. it is a must watch. (there are two video segments)

O’Reilly asked Stewart about various Republican candidates, and Stewart actually gave rather honest response on each.  Nothing nasty, just direct real responses, I was impressed. Whether you like him or not this was a good interview.

Interesting he likes Romney for what he did for Massachusetts. Go figure on that right?

Some of his amusing points against Trump, where he points out it is childlike that Trump plasters his name on everything, and vies for attention as he does. Now who else does that mirror? Because that sure sounds like Obama & his own logo.

He does admit he does not think Obama has done his job. He also admitted there would be a case where he would not vote for Obama, and would instead opt for a Republican.

On one of Stewart’s clips, where he talks about Obama’s budget stance.. (it’s like) “I’m going to add calories to my excluded food intake” Pretty dead on analogy.

Stewart on Obama’s communicating with America.. “you said you would talk to us like adults.. but we didn’t think that would be like an old couple who has been married for 40 years, and have that weird short-hand repressed anger that keeps them from talking to each other”. Again darn good translation to how Obama has avoided communicating with this country.


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