Facebook & the Purpose of Life.

Posted: May 20, 2011 in Uncategorized

Do you ever see statements on facebook that it takes all the power you have NOT to comment on? Here is one that I just pulled back from:

Do people think its fun or necessary to talk about politics on facebook because if it isn’t fun or necessary, could you all cut it out. it’s a real downer

Now see if you can guess the age of the person who wrote it? If you guessed in or around 20, Bingo, you win!

The reason I said I held back from response was this person is related, so I refrain from commenting politically to (most) relatives, especially the young ones who simply just have not developed a clue yet.

What did I want to say? Mainly the ignorance is not bliss response, that ignorance of events does not prevent them from happening. Simply burrowing your head in the sand does not make all well.

Add that, if you don’t like the comment, just like a radio station you may not like, ignore it.(Check this out for the reason why I am mentioning a radio station, note the guy who believes in freedom of speech but has no clue what the 1st Amendment is.. ahh higher education, are you proud too?)  Another option, if it is posted on your wall, delete it. If the person always posts political stuff & you don’t want to see that, either “hide” them from you feed, or remove the all together. This way you can remain in a guarded, oblivious, protected little world. Ahh ignorance.

No (as far as I know) it was not in reference to anything I posted, said or did. I try to keep it pretty low profile on there, due to the number of liberals I know & am related to (though I will pop one or two things up there, if they are broad enough in interpretation, just to see if I get feedback.. and nope, no bites.. ever).

Another thing about this young person saying ” it’s a downer” that I find kind of funny. This is one of those people who posts idiotic things, but also never wants comment to them (when you do this person gets fussy). For me the point of Facebook is it is a social network, where you are looking for interaction, not to broadcast belching and never look for a response. So why are so many people, and often it is these young-dumb ones, who want to have a million “friends” but never any response.  (I think there is even an option where you can not allow comments to your posts or photos, these kids should opt for that option). They also simply do not want to know anything that is actually happening in the world around them (ok I guess a social network would be a potential hiding place from reality, for many).

Alas I just find the ignorance is bliss concept absolutely ridiculous, pathetic, and pointless. The point of human existence is to think, to challenge, to grow, to learn, to develop, to make noise. If a person is bummed by the waves of life, they live a listless existence, one that is utter pointless. A plant at least has purpose, though I guess for the listless individual at least they are expelling carbon dioxide and benefiting the plants, right?


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