Newton’s law in action.

Posted: May 20, 2011 in Uncategorized

Matt Barber offers some hope for the future, as he examines rebellious nature. We have seen over the years, there will be a liberal generation followed by a conservative generation. Often the offspring of each other.

Many liberals still think they are rebelling. What are they rebelling against, when they have won about everything they could ask for? When they have an extremely liberal government bending to their will?  I love how Mr Barber explains it..

They honestly believe they remain the nonconformists. It’s precious.  

In fact, today’s liberals are nothing of the sort. They compliantly conform – like little windup, patchouli-daubed lemmings – to a carnival-prize caricature of what they imagine nonconformity to look like. You know, the usual stuff: neo-Marxism, environmentalist activism, sexual relativism, big-government nanny statism, an actions-without-consequences rendering of reproductive rights, and other such populist nonsense. Simply put, today’s progressive nonconformist conforms

The kids today, most are Boomer offspring, how does a child of a boomer rebel?

Kids: Really want to get under your obnoxiously “tolerant,” Volvo-driving, MSNBC-watching folks’ skin? Try this: Go to church, abstain from premarital sex, join the Young America’s Foundation, attend a Tea Party rally, enroll at Liberty University, listen to Rush Limbaugh and vote Republican.

But don’t be embarrassed by previous liberal viewpoints. It is human to at one point have a liberal perspective, but then to grow up, mature, and have some sense. I am a reformed liberal.. I too once wished for “world peace” and other unrealistic notions. There is nothing wrong with having such wishes, it is when you truly believe in fairy-tales that you need to snap back to reality.

Winston Churchill once observed, “If you’re not a liberal at 20, you have no heart; if you’re not a conservative at 40, you have no brain.” Liberalism is emotion-based and rooted in soaring, knee-jerk notions of “social justice.” Conservatism is logic-based and rooted in reality.


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