Obama Fishing in the Shallow End.

Posted: May 20, 2011 in Uncategorized

(Victor Davis Hanson asks ) Why hasn’t Obama already rammed through his own immigration bill, as he did with health care? (when Obama had Democratic majorities in House & Senate for 2 years)

Reason: Obama never stopped being in campaign mode. He was campaigning while he was a senator, and has not stopped campaigning for President, while a president. The problem he has not figured out he could just go and become an actor, where they are always campaigning for spot light & attention, that is their job. He apparently does not realize the job he signed up for was to be the President of the US, and not campaign for his next potential term.

Yet I am curious, the healthcare bill he shoved under the door was not widely welcomed by Americans, yet he snuck it through. The illegal immigration issue somehow ends up being an election concern, apparently they must have tallied up there are more illegal immigrant voters than Americans who do not wish their Constitutional rights trampled over?

While preaching to the choir, full of his supporters, he applied his government math announcing the border fence is basically complete.

Currently, fewer than 700 miles of the more than 1,900-mile border have any sort of barrier. And less than 5 percent of the border has a secure double-fenced impediment. Even with increased patrols, a recent Government Accountability Office study found that 40 percent of the border is essentially open and unguarded. There are still well over a half-million illegal border crossings per year.

The other part that always gets me is this “president” who loves to hype partisan issues, while he is the ring leader for all partisan problems.

In a fit of projection, the president also accused his opponents of politicking the issue for partisan advantage: “We’ve seen a lot of blame and a lot of politics and a lot of ugly rhetoric around immigration.”

That too was a distortion for at least two reasons. One, during the 2010 midterm election, the president himself urged Latinos to “punish” their political “enemies.” That advice sure seemed like “ugly rhetoric.”

The bottom line to this campfire gathering of the oblivious, was typical of political twisting of reality and campaign hype. Obama is begging for the ignorant masses to follow him again. He plays off of their ignorance, he knows how to feed their misconceptions. The problem with illegal immigration is one the legality, but also how it affects our country, our economy, and how our resources are sucked dry. Illegal immigrants are instructed how to work around the system, by other ignorant individuals who think illegal immigration is ok. Yet everyone misses the boat on how illegal immigration not only affects our people and our country, but how it also affects those people who sneak around in our country, and how those people have to live in fear every day.

Obama remains non-committal even when it comes to the smallest immigration ideas:

Even when the president offered some sensible proposals about illegal aliens paying fines, applying formally for citizenship and learning English, he was still disingenuous. Obama deliberately floated these proposals to his partisan audience without any details of enforcement, since to do so would likely turn off the cheering crowd.

Remember elections are about the numbers. Obama is counting on his ignorant mass vote. He knows if he fishes in the deep end he can get better quality, but he prefers the easy pickings in the shallow end. Rephrasing, he does not care about the quality, he just wants quantity.


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