Obamacare Head Trauma

Posted: May 20, 2011 in Uncategorized

Guy Benson discusses the truth about Obamacare. For those who actually though Obamacare was a good thing, would bring down the cost of healthcare, and help Americans.. if you have not received a clue by now.. it is about to beat you over the head.  

U.S. employers can expect an 8.5 percent increase in their medical costs next year due in some part to the healthcare reform law, the consulting firm PwC said in a report Wednesday.   The widely read annual report on cost trends points to three main drivers of healthcare costs, two of which are exacerbated by the new law.

Got that?  Healthcare costs aren’t rising despite Obamacare; they’re rising because of Obamacare.  

Remember, folks:  The most unappealing elements of this law — tax hikes, costly subsidies, Medicaid expansion, mandate enforcement, non-compliance penalties, etc. — haven’t even kicked in yet.


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