Obama’s Daddy Issues?

Posted: May 20, 2011 in Uncategorized

A MUST read by Larry Elder (read in full, there is no part I can cite from it, it needs to be enjoyed in its entirety). He talks about the hypocrisy of Obama, and rappers. I still find it interesting how so many can look away and ignore the company Obama keeps. Between religious leaders, who are hardcore, anti-white, extremist activists.. and the other activist extremists he looks up to.

The choice of an extremist, white-hating, pro-cop-killing rapper for a “poetry” event is also disturbing. (As was some story I saw where Obama’s mutant wife was showing kids how to dance to some rap song).

What is also interesting is how over the past couple years anyone who has opposed Obama has been immediately labeled a racist, yet his circle of friends would gladly look up Hitler’s methods in order to eliminate white people if given the opportunity.

So who again is racist? Good grief the majority who oppose Obama is not for his skin color,  but because he is a horrible president, the direction he is taking this country, and his shredding of the Constitution. We don’t like him because he is inept. I also don’t like him for the poor choices he makes, personally and in respect to his position. I do not like the fact that he seems he needs to embrace being black, for some political reason, but certainly not for who he really is.. remember he was raised by his white half, he was abandoned by his black half. So the ONLY reason he would be embracing so many black things in his life, is compensating and daddy issues (note the black people he has embraced are typically older black men).


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