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Media Bias: Overkill

Posted: June 30, 2011 in Uncategorized

What do you think of the Mark Halperin firing?

He asked if the 7-second delay was on, then he made that statement. The producer hit the wrong button.. yet this guy Halperin gets canned? This really shows the media bias, just for saying something offensive about their “perfect leader”.

How many nasty things were said about Bush? How many nasty things have been said regarding other Presidents? Yet this guy has one moment of saying something the rest of the bobble-heads do not approve of, and he is canned? And he prefaced it with asking if the delay was on… so what the heck?

Dear liberal-nuts.. do you need more proof about liberal bias??

I wonder, will he also be tossed out of the country too?


Yes the courts can make an intelligent decision every so often.. and a recent one against abortion confirms “Human physical life begins at conception”.

If you have bene hiding in a bunker, the issue is the planned parenthood (rather abortionhood) denies that a fetus is a human life, and denies that “human physical life” has any scientific baring. Really makes you wonder what they do consider “human physical life” doesn’t it?

Priorities & Perspective..

Posted: June 30, 2011 in Uncategorized’s political highlights: (click on link in the text to view full story)

I think Obama’s position should be changed to President of the Campaign!

Obama refuses to talk to Republicans, but will entertain discussions with the Muslim Brotherhood?? Remember the President of the United States is supposed to be a leader of our country.. do you see a leader of the US in the White House?

See also Guy Benson’s article on Obama’s lack of cooperation on budget issues. Obama has been saying that Congress needs to “get to work”..but seems he, himself, fails to understand what he is tell others to do:

Mitch McConnell then invited the president to come to Capitol Hill and meet with Republicans behind closed doors to discuss the urgent issue.  The White House unceremoniously declined, snippily declaring that such a conversation wouldn’t be “worth having.”

The budget is crucial, right? Yet discussing it is “not worth” his time? Yet refer to the other article I shared above.. observe Obama’s priorities.. (Muslims relations), not US economy & the future of the US. Other priorities for Obama, besides golf, is fundraising.. as he has yet to be president, only campaigning to be president. 2 years without a budget, again if you need more confirmation where Obama’s priorities are.

From the video clip on Guy Benson’s article, I love this statement: “We welcome you to come back to town in-between fundraisers, and discuss how we will fix this” (Senator Rand Paul) It is a long-winded video clip (they are politicians, they can’t help it).. but if you can deal with listening to the same point restated a hundred times by different people.. the refreshing part is seeing the Republicans wake up, speak and finally (start) to take stand (or at least a stagger).

With the economy, employment is another huge factor.. and with a down economy we won’t see an improvement in the job market. Here is an article about our continued recession level unemployment.

Erika Johnsen points out the humor of Obama’s babblings, “Tax Breaks for Millionaires Endanger Food Safety (Or Something)” see the FDA commercial she included, (funny, but also a really good point about Obama’s insanity).

While we have a bad economy & horrible president right now.. there is an upside..

States are defunding Planned-Abortionhood! (See article on Townhall).

Visit the Susan B Anthony site for details on which states are dumping state funded abortions! (since the information can change quickly here is a quick highlight on which states are defunding Planned “Parenthood”)

Note: New Jersey legislator is fighting to continue funding Planned “Parenthood”, the vote will happen this Friday (July 1, 2011)

Obama has never stopped campaigning, Townhall highlights his 2012 push… (prepare for the pushing of a lot of poo!)

He is pushing his Robin Hood approach, of stealing from the rich.

He pushes entitlement reforms, while attacking oil & gas industry (which he refers to as “sacred cows”).

Interesting is how he guards unions, entitlements, welfare & health care reform.. yet attacks oil, gas & wealthy. He feels everyone should be “willing to take on their sacred cows”, but is he taking on any of his?

More Obama-contradictions:

Obama said his administration is reviewing government regulations that hinder entrepreneurship, adding he is working with the private sector to spur job grown but slammed business owners as “wanting to do whatever they want to gain maximum profits.”

“The business community is always complaining about regulations,” he said.

What Obama really pushes is government job creation. IE expanding the government, expanding government control & dependence on the government.

He claims he has been cutting taxes over the past two years, and again beats his wealthy dead horse, along with gas/oil industry. He plays on the ignorance of the masses, while demonizing oil/gas and wealthy. He blinds the masses so they won’t realize if the wealthy, oil & gas are cornered that expense will be paid by them, by all of us! “Fair share” is what he keeps calling it, but who will pay that “fair share”?

Think about it, a store has a shoplifter, that is considered a loss. That loss has to be balanced in their budget, that balance is corrected by increasing prices. That business might add security, which is an additional expense, that expense again is passed onto the consumer. Relate that to the oil company being further taxed/fined or otherwise. Who ends up paying for that?

He claims they have reached 1/4 of the $4trilllion deficit, yet surely he is again factoring in what he wanted to spend, but was stopped from spending. His solutions are cutting defense, raising the debt ceiling, along with his attack on gas/oil and wealthy.

He further focuses on campaign political points, either by being noncommittal, or focusing on improving a polling percentage (ie supporting gay marriage, supporting illegal immigrants, focus on the welfare cases, etc).

Remember, he has been a campaigning president, instead of focusing on what America needs or wants, he has focused on his political agenda and reelection. This is not our president, he never has been, and never will be, and he should not be permitted to continue “playing” president… at our cost!

For those who argue the fact that there is liberal bias in the media.. try explaining this…

An article on Townhall  referring to a video “Why I’m a Democrat”, the video clip was immediately removed. The writer noticed the video was removed, and referred to another website, the video vanished from the second source as well.

UPDATE: My friend Katie found the video clip on dailymotion. Prepare yourself for nausea. These are the poster children for the sheltered know-it-all college students, who have no clue yet. Note the one gal who truly supports socialism, err the democrat party, with her focus that the government should take care of its citizens. (sigh).

More from Townhall on Liberals vs Fox, pointing out a faux poll group in MD (PIPA) surveyed Fox viewers, and they “found” that those viewers believed in “misinformation”. Read that again, not getting facts wrong but “misinformation”, so what is “misinformation”? It means not bobble heading to liberal poll predictions, that offer liberal views in a positive light, vs any facts or reality.

One question was about health reform increasing the federal budget deficit. Again that is a prediction question, and the liberals predict that the health reform won’t affect our country financially. In fact liberals believe it will reduce the deficit.

Sounds like PIPA was holding a naivety poll, not a fact-finding poll.

PIPA also surveyed only about 0.7% of Fox views, which is hardly a thorough assessment, but again they are not doing a fact-finding poll, but like I said a naivety poll.

To put things in full perspective, that is the source of what liberal media is using for ammo when they call Fox News “Fake News”.

Housing Market Dissected

Posted: June 27, 2011 in Uncategorized

I spotted a great article on Townhall, defining the decay of the housing and rental markets.

When you look over the course of time there is a point of inflation, supply & demand, then there is just ridiculous overpriced products. Why and how did those prices really get so high?

How? Say thank you to the government. It is government involvement that inflates the prices, that changes the interest rates, that made the housing market make a nose dive, and has turned the rental market into a beehive without a source of food.

The article listed factors for what has happened in the market..

  • Government involvement, adding more red tape for rental construction = more delays.
  • More delays = price increases, those increases are passed onto the consumer/tenant.
  • Government adds fees, which again gets passed down to the consumer. (I know people who buy into the political baloney that fees, fines, or law suits are a punch in the gut to the big-company, with out realizing if a big company takes a hit, where is he going to take that expense from?)
  • Government further arm twists developers, requiring street enhancements (parks, lighting, etc). Who again do you think pays for those?
  • Government tosses treats to the unions, further arm twisting that ends up requiring union workers= more cost, who again pays for that?
  • Government imposed “rent control”.. limits the profitability that developer could otherwise receive, restricting what he can offer.. further restricting growth of the developers business, employ, and product.
  • Government also imposing other limiting factors, like requiring “social engineering programs” to be included in various project, again limiting what a developer can produce.

But alas.. while new construction can not offer additional affordable housing, the housing market has crashed (again thanks to the government involvement, feeling people should have a home whether they can pay for it or not) which prevents home owners from selling and cornering them into the rental market..  Surely the government will have to put a cap on that, and make homeowners suffer even further.