Did he speak?

Posted: June 18, 2011 in Uncategorized

I try to spare myself of being exposed to listening to Obama speak, but he surely must have recently. Every time I  have noticed his approval rating take a nose dive, it often coincided with him speaking.

Anyhow, it’s been a while, but seems people are snapping back to reality, as Obama pit-falls back to a -20 Approval rating. April 11, 2011 was the last time he was at -20… he even snuck up to single negative digits last month (and even snuck one in as recent as June 9th).

see more on Rasmussen Reports.

Perhaps this is backlash from his pit stop on Puerto Rico (June 14th)? The visit was nothing more than an obvious 2012 campaign move. Every thing he does can be related to campaign strategy. More proof he never wanted (or should have been) president, that is sole goal is for a popularity contest ONLY.

So Dear (hopefully former) Obama supporters, please do not repeat the 2008 mistake, please (for the sake of our country) kick Obama out in 2012!

So why is Puerto Rico part of the campaign trail? It is due to a few states that have large Puerto Rican populations, that have a lot of election weight.

PS.. Puerto Rico was not pleased by Obama’s stop over… see the Daily Freeman

See also on Bloomberg, they talk about Obama courting Puerto Rico when he campaigned in 2008, and has returned for his 2012 campaign. Obama had huge backing from US Puerto Ricans, and his plan is to make sure he has that support again. Hopefully the bad-taste he left on his recent visit will squash his chances with this group!


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