Turd Sandwich, For Real?

Posted: June 18, 2011 in Uncategorized

South Park again is far too realistic. They did an episode about politics, the candidates were a Turd Sandwich vs a Giant Douche. Though this is not directly related to politics.. but the Turd sandwich…

Are you done cringing?

The innovative nature of the Japanese is well.. poo. They have a meat alternative made from the excess sewage muck issue they are drowning in . (see the article on Fox)

This is certainly a way to make people opt to be vegetarians.

Thankfully for now the process is too expensive to merge into the mainstream (yet). But this sure is a warning of what could be.

But, what becomes of the cows… if everyone starts eating turd-tar-tar, and skipping the beef, will there be an overpopulation of cows, and chickens? What will become of the uneaten beef & poultry?


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