Gore-isms: Gore still brewing Goofy Global Warming

Posted: June 23, 2011 in Uncategorized

 Example of when “A Bird in Hand is (Not) worth 2 in the Bush”. Saving one critter while sacrificing a number of others is the situation with environmental groups. Their short sightedness will kill us ALL!

Goofy Gore is at it again. Recently he decided that women should reduce having children, to save the earth (see that one here: Townhall) … and now he blames the (Arizona Wallow) wildfires & (Mississippi) floods on Global Warming.

So what is behind those wildfires? First look at what worked… Logging thinned the forests. Cattle grazed and cleared the ground. But the environmental groups have fought against logging & cattle.

The problems: The growth rate of the pines is about 15x what should naturally exist. The results overcrowding of trees, this results in less water, which creates more dried out/dead trees, which offers fuel for wildfires.

These environmental groups have put a halt to these controls over the past 30 years; any attempts to correct it result in court action, which further drains taxpayers.

Solution: The EPA and other government regulations are what causes these disasters. Sometimes in the name of sighting some rare animal… while risking the lives of hundreds or more other animals.

Read more & See Gore babble some non-sense on: Townhall.

Ok how can there be so much stuff on Gore this week? I have a theory… he is prepping the stage to run against Obama.

I just spotted another item from Townhall, where Gore is attacking Obama for not taking enough control of the “climate crisis”. This makes me believe even more that he will run against Obama, since he even states:

Yet without presidential leadership that focuses intensely on making the public aware of the reality we face, nothing will change.

Not that I am against anyone finding fault with Obama, there is such a myriad of choices to attack him on… but for Gore, it seems to be a political posturing.

And for fun.. South Park’s Gore episode:


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