Jon Stewart’s Denial Issues

Posted: June 23, 2011 in Uncategorized

Ben Shapiro draws a perfect portrait of Jon Stewart, and why any non-liberal finds fault with Stewart. I don’t think most non-liberals care about Stewart’s left-bias banter, it is the fact that he tries to deny it.

So why does Stewart lie about his leftie-issues? Is he embarrassed? Does he feel he has some conservative viewers who might be shocked by that revelation? Or does he fear the brainwashed lefties will be stunned to realize he is not a news program but an “entertainment” program?

So what is the case with Stewart? I think he is smart enough to have some ploy up his sleeve. The question is, what the heck is he hiding?

Stewart reveal yourself, come out of your “closet”, come to terms with being a left-wing-liberal, who is offering political points disguised as comedy. Just be you, seems you are the last one to come to terms with it, besides the blind-sheep that follow you. And really Stewart, those blind sheep are too dimwitted to understand the truth, you have warped them beyond any hope for them to return to reality.


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