2012 Campaign: Are you buying the Baloney?

Posted: June 29, 2011 in Uncategorized

Obama has never stopped campaigning, Townhall highlights his 2012 push… (prepare for the pushing of a lot of poo!)

He is pushing his Robin Hood approach, of stealing from the rich.

He pushes entitlement reforms, while attacking oil & gas industry (which he refers to as “sacred cows”).

Interesting is how he guards unions, entitlements, welfare & health care reform.. yet attacks oil, gas & wealthy. He feels everyone should be “willing to take on their sacred cows”, but is he taking on any of his?

More Obama-contradictions:

Obama said his administration is reviewing government regulations that hinder entrepreneurship, adding he is working with the private sector to spur job grown but slammed business owners as “wanting to do whatever they want to gain maximum profits.”

“The business community is always complaining about regulations,” he said.

What Obama really pushes is government job creation. IE expanding the government, expanding government control & dependence on the government.

He claims he has been cutting taxes over the past two years, and again beats his wealthy dead horse, along with gas/oil industry. He plays on the ignorance of the masses, while demonizing oil/gas and wealthy. He blinds the masses so they won’t realize if the wealthy, oil & gas are cornered that expense will be paid by them, by all of us! “Fair share” is what he keeps calling it, but who will pay that “fair share”?

Think about it, a store has a shoplifter, that is considered a loss. That loss has to be balanced in their budget, that balance is corrected by increasing prices. That business might add security, which is an additional expense, that expense again is passed onto the consumer. Relate that to the oil company being further taxed/fined or otherwise. Who ends up paying for that?

He claims they have reached 1/4 of the $4trilllion deficit, yet surely he is again factoring in what he wanted to spend, but was stopped from spending. His solutions are cutting defense, raising the debt ceiling, along with his attack on gas/oil and wealthy.

He further focuses on campaign political points, either by being noncommittal, or focusing on improving a polling percentage (ie supporting gay marriage, supporting illegal immigrants, focus on the welfare cases, etc).

Remember, he has been a campaigning president, instead of focusing on what America needs or wants, he has focused on his political agenda and reelection. This is not our president, he never has been, and never will be, and he should not be permitted to continue “playing” president… at our cost!


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