Proving Liberal Bias in the Media.

Posted: June 29, 2011 in Uncategorized

For those who argue the fact that there is liberal bias in the media.. try explaining this…

An article on Townhall  referring to a video “Why I’m a Democrat”, the video clip was immediately removed. The writer noticed the video was removed, and referred to another website, the video vanished from the second source as well.

UPDATE: My friend Katie found the video clip on dailymotion. Prepare yourself for nausea. These are the poster children for the sheltered know-it-all college students, who have no clue yet. Note the one gal who truly supports socialism, err the democrat party, with her focus that the government should take care of its citizens. (sigh).

More from Townhall on Liberals vs Fox, pointing out a faux poll group in MD (PIPA) surveyed Fox viewers, and they “found” that those viewers believed in “misinformation”. Read that again, not getting facts wrong but “misinformation”, so what is “misinformation”? It means not bobble heading to liberal poll predictions, that offer liberal views in a positive light, vs any facts or reality.

One question was about health reform increasing the federal budget deficit. Again that is a prediction question, and the liberals predict that the health reform won’t affect our country financially. In fact liberals believe it will reduce the deficit.

Sounds like PIPA was holding a naivety poll, not a fact-finding poll.

PIPA also surveyed only about 0.7% of Fox views, which is hardly a thorough assessment, but again they are not doing a fact-finding poll, but like I said a naivety poll.

To put things in full perspective, that is the source of what liberal media is using for ammo when they call Fox News “Fake News”.


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