Court Decision “Human physical life begins at conception”

Posted: June 30, 2011 in Uncategorized

Yes the courts can make an intelligent decision every so often.. and a recent one against abortion confirms “Human physical life begins at conception”.

If you have bene hiding in a bunker, the issue is the planned parenthood (rather abortionhood) denies that a fetus is a human life, and denies that “human physical life” has any scientific baring. Really makes you wonder what they do consider “human physical life” doesn’t it?

  1. Katie says:

    Still not holding my breath on that one.

    After all, our own pres thinks that it is ok for a live born child (one born during an extremely late term abortion) to be put in a closet and left to die.

    And one of his “czars” believes that human life doesn’t actually happen until the child is 3 year of age and is “self aware”.

    And people are so clouded with the language of “right to choose” that they forget the more basic “right to live”.

    I see that someone says that Obama Sr. wanted Obama Jr. to be adopted. I know that I shouldn’t think this, but if abortion was legal in the 60’s, would there even be a Pres Obama? Yet he doesn’t want his daughter “burdened with a baby”….

    • gypsy says:

      The upside to obama’s beliefs, hopefully his kids won’t carry on the obama line.

      But yeah I know the human identity of a baby is not likely.. but every attempt that is made, has worth.. and as long as people keep trying there is some hope.

      It still makes me cringe when I think of the fact that people in this country voted for obama, a man that would allow babies to die, due to unsuccessful abortions..

      the right to choose also bugs me, the term denies and masks the abortion factor.. if they call it something else, if they make it sound happy with the words right & choose.. it makes it something people can stand behind, since those are terms this country stands on.. rights & choice.. but abortion support is just creepy.. it is creepy for so many reasons.. and one because so many people are oblivious to it, because so many women just abortions as birth control and are told they have that “right”, that women are taught that pregnancy & abortions are basically bodily functions like going to the bathroom.. they are taking the value of it away, the miracle of it.. so much about it is just covered and ignored.. people are brainwashed to believe they are stronger for making such a “choice”..

      the part i fight with is, being I was unwanted.. and I still feel that pain.. the upside is these kids do not have to end up unwanted either “raised” by these women, or handed off to be raised by the gov’t in foster care, hoping someone will adopt them. it is painful.. and i still do not agree with the “option” i think these women should learn respect for their bodies, they should learn how to not be sluts, they should learn the value of life.

      maybe an option would be, a woman who opts for abortion also signs up for the military, being sent into battle might give them perspective for the value of life?

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