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Posted: June 30, 2011 in Uncategorized’s political highlights: (click on link in the text to view full story)

I think Obama’s position should be changed to President of the Campaign!

Obama refuses to talk to Republicans, but will entertain discussions with the Muslim Brotherhood?? Remember the President of the United States is supposed to be a leader of our country.. do you see a leader of the US in the White House?

See also Guy Benson’s article on Obama’s lack of cooperation on budget issues. Obama has been saying that Congress needs to “get to work”..but seems he, himself, fails to understand what he is tell others to do:

Mitch McConnell then invited the president to come to Capitol Hill and meet with Republicans behind closed doors to discuss the urgent issue.  The White House unceremoniously declined, snippily declaring that such a conversation wouldn’t be “worth having.”

The budget is crucial, right? Yet discussing it is “not worth” his time? Yet refer to the other article I shared above.. observe Obama’s priorities.. (Muslims relations), not US economy & the future of the US. Other priorities for Obama, besides golf, is fundraising.. as he has yet to be president, only campaigning to be president. 2 years without a budget, again if you need more confirmation where Obama’s priorities are.

From the video clip on Guy Benson’s article, I love this statement: “We welcome you to come back to town in-between fundraisers, and discuss how we will fix this” (Senator Rand Paul) It is a long-winded video clip (they are politicians, they can’t help it).. but if you can deal with listening to the same point restated a hundred times by different people.. the refreshing part is seeing the Republicans wake up, speak and finally (start) to take stand (or at least a stagger).

With the economy, employment is another huge factor.. and with a down economy we won’t see an improvement in the job market. Here is an article about our continued recession level unemployment.

Erika Johnsen points out the humor of Obama’s babblings, “Tax Breaks for Millionaires Endanger Food Safety (Or Something)” see the FDA commercial she included, (funny, but also a really good point about Obama’s insanity).


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