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Rationed Care

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National Healthcare, is a topic I have been trying to get through the thick skulls of anyone who actually supports this idea. They suffer from short-sightedness (which I am sure won’t be covered under a national health care plan).

The reality is care will be rationed.. it may not happen over night, but as the system becomes more taxed, so will your healthcare. What happens next, things will be cut back..Do you recall the 1970s gas crisis and the rationing? If not ask someone who experienced it.. now imagine that happening with healthcare.

Side Note: The gas rationing, you had certain days you were permitted to get gas, and a certain amount you were permitted to purchase. Think about the mpg on 1970s vehicles, there was very limited travel because of the rationing. If there was not a long line, odds are the pumps were dry.

BUT, if those believers put all the pieces of the puzzle together they would be able to understand what the rest of us see clearly. When you have a gov’t entity controlling things there will be parts that will simply be left out.

Remember when the gov’t looks for a “solution” they rarely have all the information. Try to think of when you have had to deal with the government for anything, how long did it take, how thorough was it, did you get things resolved without popping a blood vessel? If you have somehow managed to not have to deal with the underbelly of the government beast, there surely are plenty of people around you surely you can find someone who has a lengthy story to share. Another source is if you are a democrat (and if you support gov’t healthcare, then odds are you are a democrat) look at all the issues you have had with republicans.. now remember they are part of government too, do you want them handling your health care?

Note: Carol Platt Liebau discussed the rationed healthcare in Britain. What is happening over there? She refers to The Independent (click those links to read more)

The requirement of the UK health system, you better be in some serious pain before they will ponder doing something about it, and in good physical shape too! Need cataract surgery? You better know Braille, and be tapping a cane before they will proceed.

But are they actually SAVING anything with these limits & delays for patient care? No. The longer a procedure is postponed, the more complex, the more risk., the more cost.. but I am sure they have an answer for that.. when you reach the point of technically qualifying they will tell you that you are too risky to treat. See that is how they will save money!


Union Bullies

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Gee wasn’t there news not too long ago, like a matter of months ago, about bully laws? Yet we have Unions, the poster child or king-pin-up of bullies.

John Ransom offers an article about Obama’s Union buddies, bullying non-union jobs/companies…

Sodexo, which operates as a contractor in government facilities, military bases, schools and hospitals, says that the SEIU tried to “extort [the company] by threatening financial damage unless [it] cave[d] into its demands. The SEIU’s campaign was designed to illegally threaten [the] company.”

Of course the SEIU denies these claims, did we expect they would be honest & say “yup we did it”, of course not.. they are going to deny it to their last breath… they are a political machine after all.

The Blog of the Legal Times says that the union has been accused “of carrying out a negative publicity campaign in order to strong-arm exclusive access to Sodexo’s non-union employees. Sodexo claimed the union was attempting to unlawfully unionize employees and increase revenue in violation of the federal Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act.”

I have to include this part, because this says so much! Because less than 20% of the company opted to join the SEIU, the SEIU is playing some dirty tricks,.. so ridiculous you would think they surely have to be made up by a child…

According to the National Legal and Policy Center only 18,000 of the company’s 98,000 qualified employees have chosen to join the SEIU. In retaliation, says the NLPC, the union has carried out a campaign of intimidation that includes:

  • threw plastic roaches onto food at a high-profile event catered by Sodexo;
  • scared hospital patients by insinuating that Sodexo food contained bugs, rat droppings, mold and flies;
  • sneaked into elementary schools to avoid security;
  • violated lobbying laws to steer business away from the company; and
  • threatened Sodexo USA employees with public exposure of alleged wrongdoing.

Some of the techniques involve threatening regulatory pressure, via gov’t agencies or courts..

Where would the regulatory pressure or government action come from? The SEIU reportedly spent $60 million electing Barack Obama.

Think about Obama’s career path, consider the company he keeps, and think about his support for the unions.. have I said enough lately he seriously needs to go?

Sueño Americano

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Townhall Open Borders, Amnesty & Gutierrez arrested when he refused to move when asked.

His arguments are about a situation of deporting the parent of several children, or a spouse etc..that  there should be focus on the criminals, etc.. that there are good people in this country.. (while people protest in Spanish in the background).

Ok, sure that sounds lovely. But why do we make someone an instant citizen when their parents sneak in illegally?  This is a loophole people have stretched out of proportion & have abused! We need limits, and this loophole needs to be closed! The parent should be a citizen before plopping a child on our soil. That would curb the argument of removing illegal parents and deporting them.. if parents being deported were the the actual case. BUT there are so many protections in our country for illegals to live here, and to stay, that how often does an illegal parent get deporting leaving their American born children in the US? The hispanic children that flood the foster system are only in the system due to parents who committed (other) criminal acts (besides sneaking into the US and not becoming a citizen) or were inept parents or abusive parents.

The article ends with:

And in case any of you are wondering, ICE is already using prosecutorial discretion when it come to deportation. Instead of treating everyone equally under the law, ICE officials are picking winners and losers.

That story takes you to an article on the Dream Act . (visit that link to view all the exceptions to illegal immigrants and more sickening info).

The article highlights my points above, that illegals are not being hauled back to their country, ripped from American born children, etc. There simply are not enough resources (personnel, detention space, and cost of removal) to handle the actual number of illegal immigrants!

There is a long list of loopholes for people to be “overlooked” when it comes to deportation. This has opened a gaping hole in our country for people to parade in illegally, breaking the law by doing so, because they know the odds are in their favor. Yet how many countries have such loose immigration laws? Why do we even have laws if we don’t enforce them? Why do we make so many exceptions for people who break our laws? And why do we offer so many benefits to those who break our laws? Good grief, no wonder our country is spiraling into such a mess!

Look at California, they have “sanctuary cities” basically harboring criminals. They have extended additional privileges to illegal immigrant college students, illegals can receive in-state-tuition. So again more penalties for being a legal citizen, if you live in the US legally you will have to pay more if you opt to go to college in California. Gee do you think this is helping the financial failure that California has become? I highly doubt it. But it is all politics, but wait illegals can’t vote right? Well why do you think democrats do not approve of IDs for voting?

Townhall article about the change in direction for the millennial Generation, they are turning Republican!


They finished college and now what? They have limited options and their lofty dreams are not sitting on their door step. They were raised to think of themselves as unique, they had everything personalized in their world, and a bevy of instant gratification at their fingertips. Obama promised them a utopia, a fresh field of dreams.. blah, blah.. well they finished college and entered a fresh field of crap, a world full of restrictions and limits, and no opportunities to exchange for their college degrees.

Remember Obama’s focus was on the welfare voter. And he has been focused on maintaining a welfare existence for the masses, in hopes of a re-election. That is his real HOPE, and his CHANGE was to make this a dependent society.

Of course youth votes are fickle, hopefully they will continue seeing Obama and Democrats are not the answer. They likely are and will be seeing that they have to work for what they want, it won’t be handed to them.. and the political promises are not worth spit.

Townhall reviewing the polls & approval rating. There is a potential for a landslide loss for Obama (cheers, yeah!!! happy news!)

They review some of the key states, Iowa, Michigan, New Hampshire & Ohio (white Obama won in 2008).

  • (Iowa) They highlight that even a liberal-group showed Romney leading Obama. Though Romney is just another flavor of Obama as far as I am concerned, but even Bachmann was competitive to Obama! That is huge!
  • (Michigan) the heavy union & hard-core democrat state, is also favoring Romney (again that is not a stretch, but in a heavy dem state, it does say a lot to even ponder someone with the republican name).  60% in Michigan ranked Obama’s job performance as poor.
  • (New Hampshire) Another state that is likely Romney vs Obama.
  • (Ohio) Where Obama has been doing a lot of political dancing, they are not liking what they see either.

The hard part is Obama’s ONE skill is campaigning, he loves to do it & apparently is good at it. So the hard part is getting past the showman, and getting the people to THINK and realize what the job of President really is.

The part that makes me nervous is another variety of Obama (Romney) being the front-runner!

Politics, Guns and…

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… More Lies.

Townhall Painful to watch is the 1st video clip, where Meehan repeatedly asks (former ATF Special Agent William Newell) the source of the “fast & furious plan”, where did it originate? Newell re-phrases (intentionally interprets) the question to mean who was the one specific individual who said GO. He side-steps pointing to what department, area, or anything relating to how the plan was created. But apparently eventually the truth did surface.

Yesterday during testimony on Capitol Hill, we heard Former ATF Special Agent in Charge William Newell admit he was in contact with White House National Security staffer Kevin O’Reilly about Operation Fast and Furious as early as September 2010. Newell also admitted that the DHS, IRS, DEA, ATF, ICE and the Obama Justice Department were all heavily involved and were full partners in coming up with the concept and execution of Operation Fast and Furious

The 2nd video clip Obama apparently thinks he is president of Mexico, too. It was a secondary focus to prevent the violence & drugs in America, his primary focus was on the problems in Mexico. Of course such political speak is covering up his true intentions. His focus is to target all guns in America, he double talks this to hope to redirect ignorant voters for his 2012 run for President.

Obama says out of one side of his mouth he was involved (in fast/furious) , while denying it from the other. He knows the drooling media will patch up his mis-spoken statements, and make sure the masses do not hear/see it. I am not expecting him to be honest, I never expect that from a politician.. but I do worry about those people out there who actually take a politician’s word as truth. Read between the lines, look at their past actions and words.

White House Day Care?

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What happens when children are in charge? Look no further than the White House.

Townhall offers a great article about the lack of maturity in the white house. The Democrats constantly resort to naming calling and verbal attacks, in order to side-step issues and their jobs. One of the items in the article focused on Debbie Wasserman Schultz (Democrat/Florida)

This is not leadership. This is almost like dictatorship. I know they want to force the outcome that … their extremists would like to impose. But they are getting ready to spark panic and chaos, and they seem to be OK with that. And it’s just really disappointing, and potentially devastating.”

Apparently Debbie is taking cues from Obama with tossing out terror, horror and an apocalyptic vision of the world.. all due to the Republicans? When she mentions “this is not leadership” I thought she was acknowledging the poor excuse for a president we are stuck with, but she was actually attacking Republicans. Debbie look again who is controlling things, who is treating the presidency like a dictatorship. Perhaps she realizes but just missed the target on who is to blame?

See also the video clips at the end of that article, and watch the actual verbal interaction of White House staff vs a reporter who is not licking Obama’s boots.

Here is a good illustration of what has been happening with the debt discussions.. Republicans present a plan, Obama rejects.. repeat & repeat & repeat. Has Obama presented anything? Have we seen what we thinks is the end all solution? No doubt there are volumes of small print following his push to raise the debt ceiling, increase spending and add taxes (as if those were not enough reasons to be concerned).

Again reflecting on Debbie Wasserman Schultz’s apocalyptic talk.. Obama’s default hype:

For months, even years, we’ve heard President Obama fear monger in order to get his unpopular policies shoved through Congress, but the past week has been especially overloaded with scare tactics as President Obama said “we may default,” last week, and who could forget the “granny won’t get her Social Security check,” statement.

President Obama is more than happy to threaten the American people when it comes to the debt crisis, but behind their back he’s slipping big banks a handshake.

And for comedy “relief” here is a clip with Bob Beckel who thinks Obama is the greatest economic president since FDR. Wow now there is a comparison, and I like the other guy on the clip who points out that FDR extended the depression due to what he implemented, and that printing money would be good idea. (Break into your monopoly game sets, and pull out your play money!)

Watching that clip made me think of conversations I have with my liberal brother, who says nearly the exact same thing! He also seems to think the economy was worse under Bush. Apparently the media brainwashing is extremely effective (and brain-damaging at the same time). I also have friends who will belt out the democrat battle cry “tax the rich” as the solution to the economic issues.. yet they are oblivious what that would actually do. They fail to connect the dots as to what they would do to the economy, not to mention why punish someone for their success. They miss the point that by pushing such an idea they are supporting socialist ideals. Also odd is when you line up who is rich in America, they are Democrats.. but they are usually the ones who find the loopholes and get away like a greased pig.

Continuing on Obama’s low points.. the reality is his ratings should be lower! The economy, jobs, debt, deceit, and so many other reasons.. but for some reason Obama still has blind support from his followers.

From Rasmussen Reports:

Monday shows that 23% of the nation’s voters Strongly Approve of the way that Barack Obama is performing his role as president. Forty-four percent (44%) Strongly Disapprove

Overall, 44% of voters say they at least somewhat approve of the president’s performance. Fifty-five percent (55%) at least somewhat disapprove.

Obama’s high points:

  • His highest approval was 4 days after his  inauguration day January 22, 2009 at +30 and he went down hill from there.
  • We went below a +20 approval rating by February 1, 2009.
  • He has not seen a positive number in the teens since March 6, 2009..
  • He has not seen a double-digit positive since the end of May 2009.
  • He has not a single digit positive since the end of June 2009.

Obama’s Lows:

  • He hit Zero approval rating by June 5, 2009
  • He has remained below -10 since June 21, 2009
  • He has remained below -20 since July 26, 2009
  • He has been -20 or higher since December 22, 2009
  • His LOWEST was -24 on September 9, 2010

Side note: Sure wish we could have had a re-vote after say 6 months or even a year after he “won”.

Other Approval Polls..

  • Real Clear Politics. They show the different polls and how they compare. BUT notice the date range differs by a week for quite a few of the polls.
  • Gallup Poll is relatively close to Rasmussen.

And then for the ridiculous:

Huffington Post: They find Obama’s approval to be steady, ok in a sense yes, his ratings have been consistently poor. But they do reflect on the fact that there those who will support him no matter what he does, which gives his ratings a boost. (Hopefully that “boost” does not allow him to continue in the White House).

In spite of 9.2 percent unemployment and overall “satisfaction” with the state of the country at a two-year low, Americans continue to give President Obama higher approval ratings than experts would predict based on the economic climate.

So aside from Obama’s rating boost from his faithful zombies, he also has strong support in Wisconsin (which holds 10 electoral votes) . See Associate Press. So is it the Union control and   Union mentality? Why else would people in Wisconsin still support Obama?