2nd Amendment: Pleasant surprise in California

Posted: July 7, 2011 in Uncategorized

2nd Amendment Activists defend their rights in Sunnyvale CA! This was about a week ago, but still something to cheer, especially with all the awful news constantly pouring out of California on a regular basis.

The fact that there are people fighting for gun rights, in California, is just that much more huge!!

One Sunnyvale resident pointed out this issue is not about land use, but has an anti-gun hysteria attached to it..   “The word ‘guns’ causes certain  people to go crazy” That is a good point, and why do people respond with a knee-jerk reaction to various things? Fear & ignorance. Heck a great example is offered in any old movie that peeks into the future, when they come across something new and strange, they react with terror and fear. That is the reaction that the anti-gun groups exhibit.

Additional points about …if this is not about gun control, why is the focus against gun stores? Another person points out all the gun controls in the state of California, that further restrict gun shops and gun owners, any further restrictions are unnecessary and would not benefit anyone! Another individual pointed out there are more deaths due to prescription drugs, vs by a gun, so why not focus on pharmacies and doctors too? In fact how many injuries and deaths occur on a highway, in a home, at work? What other restrictions can they impose?

Another person made a comment, that is good & funny:

Since a firearm is basically a tool–it’s a tool for self-defense, it’s a tool  for hunting, are you planning to do any land use permits for Ace Hardware or any  other tool stores?

A gun owner stated that he has to keep his guns in another state due to the laws, restrictions and confusion of the California gun laws.

A former police officer, armed with numbers, make a great point:

Not speaking specifically for Sunnyvale, 44% of a police officer’s time is  spent, on average, doing traffic-related tasks (i.e. accidents and such) per  year.  0.08% of their time is [dedicated to] anything firearms  related.  So I don’t think it poses a threat, especially to the school with  all of the federal and State licensing [procedures] that they [firearms  retailers in Sunnyvale] have to go through.

The police officer’s wife is a teacher across from the firearm store, his children attend that school, and the school had no different response to the gun store vs any other retail store.

A man from England compared UK’s gun bans, which have affected the citizens of the UK.

Another individual pointed out the additional cost, tax burden of this study, and offers no benefit to public safety at all. This person also suggested wouldn’t these funds be better used for more pressing city issues?

The defense of further limiting gun businesses, was a tiny speck…

The only voice heard in support of imposing these additional licensing  proposals came from a national-level, anti-gun special interest group, the  LCAV, which certainly did not represent the Will of the People.

The intelligent well spoken support for the 2nd amendment voiced in California is a beautiful sound!

  1. Katie says:

    I read today that Obama was writing an executive order to improve “gun safety”. Lay you odds that it will be the opposite. Or, that it will only be safer for the criminals (you know, no pesky homeowner shooting some criminal in self defense…)

    • gypsy says:

      how long before he pushes for no locks.. because those are an inconvenience to criminals.. get rid of the police since they are a barrier for criminals. heck criminals are crucial to him.. as voters & and as staff.

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