Kudos to GM

Posted: July 7, 2011 in Uncategorized

I know rare I ever have something positive to say about GM.. and this is really more about an advertising idea they have vs their product.. but it is a start..

GM Offering Free Insurance With Purchase of a New Car
Interesting sales idea for GM. The offer is only available in Washington & Oregon, but sounds like it is a great idea during a tough time.. for the general public (as well as any automaker). So I say kudos to GM for coming up with a pretty good idea (now if only they can make cars that will last longer than the loans customers pay).

  1. Katie says:

    Law of unintended consequences – I’d like to see the amount of points and the number of crashes that the recipients of the free insurance rack up.

    Sorry, but how many will take that as permission to drive like an idiot?

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