Misery Index

Posted: July 7, 2011 in Uncategorized

Misery Index , it’s been awhile since I have heard anything on the misery index.. but as we get closer and closer to election day, I am sure it will be spotlighted more frequently.

In Paul Greenburg’s article, he reflects on the Obama/Carter trend comparison with the misery index. The bright light in this bleak economy is Obama not getting a second run in the White House.

Greenburg highlights various points about “if Obama was serious about” the economy, jobs, etc.. basically reconfirming what many of us realize.. Obama simply does not care, his focus is strictly on campaigning and popularity… nothing more, and certainly nothing to benefit this country and our people!

Here is one of my favorites from Greenburg’s points about Obama & if he cared… :

If Barack Obama were serious about simplifying health care in this country, he wouldn’t be granting waivers from ObamaCare just to thousands of favored unions, companies, special interests, and even whole states he’d like to carry in next year’s presidential election. Instead, he’d treat everybody alike and grant the whole country a waiver from his confusing health-care “reform,” which still isn’t clear and isn’t proving much of a reform, either.

The last update on the Misery Index (combination of unemployment & inflation) was from May this year:
May 2011 Misery Index (12.67) = Unemployment rate (9.1) + Inflation rate (3.57)

The lowest was July 1953 at 2.97

  •  (Dwight D Eisenhower 1953-1961)

The Highest was June 1980 at 21.98

  • (Note: we were plagued with Jimmy Carter from 1977-1981)

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