Save the Economy & Yourself.

Posted: July 7, 2011 in Uncategorized

I spotted an interesting article on female victims, by Regis Giles. She points out on average woman are smaller and weaker than men, and on average are more frequently become victims of rape, attack, or murder. She also points out the expense of defending women raising awareness, law enforcement, medical and counseling. Yet the missing element, like Regis Giles points out.. Prevention.

I remember about 20 years ago, a friend of mine was watching a news segment about the same issues. As she looked at herself and looked at me, she commented they could have used images of the both of us for that segment. She was a tiny, frail, and scared looking girl. She looked down as she walked, in very quick but short steps. She was the type with the blazing neon sign announcing she could be your next victim. I was a little taller, stronger build, I spoke with determination, walked with strong long steps, and never feared looking people in the eye. This has been information that has existed for a long time, and applies to more than just woman.. look at animals in the wild. Does a predator really want a fight? Nope, they want a quick and easy kill. While yes, humans can enjoy a challenge, a criminal wants an easy target too.

An organization can “raise awareness” but what does that mean? They are spotlighting the potential for people to become victims, not how to prevent it. They are nothing more than a support group for people who “celebrate” being a victim.

How can you prevent it? Again think about animals.. which animals are picked off? They are the stragglers, the wounded, the weak, the unaware. Learn to defend yourself, travel in groups, get a gun.

If we all protected ourselves, if we are all self-aware, we are also stronger.. and if we are stronger our nation can be stronger too. The more we depend on our country the weaker we become, we become victims. And that government control not only takes away personal freedoms it costs money too.. so the more we protect ourselves, the more we can also save the economy.. every bit helps!

PS check out Regis’s website.. I love the 1st line in her bio “Regis Giles is a loud mouth, young conservative focused on promoting self-defense and hunting”


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