Obama Says nothing for 7minutes.

Posted: July 8, 2011 in Uncategorized

Obama says nothing for 7 minutes, and turns on his last word as a question is asked. I know nothing new there..

Summary of what he babbled… we need more jobs for those who don’t have jobs, we don’t have enough jobs for those with out jobs, and the jobs that came available were not enough. He repeated the same thing rearranged several times over.. like saying people die if they are not living, plants need water to grow,… ahh nothing like the obvious, and yet people think he is intelligent & a great sleeper? If I did not cringe when hearing him babble I would use him as a sleep-aid!

If you need to stay awake you can read this article on Fox. Here is a “highlight”

Sounding like a man completely bereft of ideas, he talked of expediting the  patent process and pushing Congress to pass the trade agreements that have  become hostage to endless bickering. In fairness, he also suggested putting our  million unemployed construction workers to work repairing roads and  airports. Maybe Mr. Obama expects them to work as volunteers; there surely is no  plan afoot to crank up infrastructure spending.

Perhaps his redundancy was aimed at convincing himself, since he has managed to remain oblivious for the past 2 1/2 years.

Another highlight about more economy busting ideas focused on more requirements piled on automakers (who are still struggling for a come-back) anyhow I found interesting, since the Toyota story was definitely buried..

Motor Vehicle Safety Act of 2010 — a new slew of rules and requirements meant  to resolve regulatory shortcomings responsible for Toyota’s  problems. (That effort thankfully fizzled after it turned out that accidents  involving Toyota’s were almost entirely due to driver error- a finding the  administration did its best to conceal)

What will Obama’s automaker industry requirements offer?

  • Higher prices on automobiles.
  • Fewer automobile sales, which in turn will end up automakers reducing employees.

Sounds like a great move for our emaciated economy, right? Yup Obama’s plan to cripple our country as much as he can manage during his reign in the white-house.


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