Obama’s Solution: More Taxes.. More, More.. MORE!

Posted: July 8, 2011 in Uncategorized

Gotta love illustrations that make Obama look like a pimp, and we the taxpayers are his whores.

Article from John Ransom, highlights the deception of Obama, and whatever result the budget talks offer, it will be lined with lies & deception. This we can count on.

Obama’s economy solution… More Taxes. Democrats are still pushing the “tax-the-rich” fantasy, which the uninformed ignorant masses buy. I know some of these people, those who believe in fines, fees and taxes for oil companies.. completely oblivious who that REALLY hurts! At the same time they complain about gas prices. And it won’t just be oil companies, it will be the back bone of our country that will be affected, in turn that will hurt everyone! The Democrats are pushing $2 trillion additional taxes! That is their solution to our anemic economy.

 “Seekers of a more progressive tax policy should answer two questions: If 86 percent of the income tax burden is not enough, how much should the top 20 percent of taxpayers pay? And if the bottom 40 percent paying no income taxes is not sufficient, what is?”

Having the lower-income groups paying zero taxes, and then receiving refunds.. while squeezing higher income groups/businesses.. the trickle effect has proven it does not work, it is a disaster. And on top of the lower-income groups not paying, add receiving refunds… the government creates more and more programs to further “assist” them.

As for federal spending on behalf of low-income Americans, it’s been growing by leaps and bounds. Anti-poverty expenditures rose from $190 billion in 1990 to $348 billion in 2000, soaring to $638 billion this year, according to the White House Office of Management and Budget.

Since 2000, food stamp expenditures grew by 229 percent, child care assistance by 89 percent, Medicaid by 80 percent, and the Children’s Health Insurance Program by 470 percent. But suggest that the growth of these and other poverty programs can be slowed even a little bit, and the Democrats cry that would shred the safety net.

I said “assist” for a reason.. think about an injury, there is a point of a bandage.. to help protect the wound, but if you leave the bandage on too long it becomes part of the problem and damages that area, it weakens any healing.

But it is a power thing for the government, the more bandages they pass out, the more they can weaken the people, and keep them under their control.. the more power they have. I often offer the animal analogy, where a predator looks for the weak, lame, or lone prey to attack… this is always the order of nature, so yes the government is acting on nature, still there is a point of protect by banding together.. we can fight back vs becoming food for the government.

Another thing to look at is Unemployment, while the government insists the people to look away from that data. They think people are focusing on one month of data, but it is the trend we are looking at which has on average maintained about 9% with Obama (poorly) handling this country. Adding more taxes will further cripple jobs, businesses.. it is the cycle of decay.

FoxNews on unemployment:

Unemployment rose to 9.2 percent, as jobs creation continues to lag labor force  growth. Moreover, unemployment would be higher but for the fact that many adults  have become discouraged and quit looking for work altogether.

Factoring in those discouraged workers, and others working part time but would  prefer full time employment, the unemployment rate is 16 percent.  Adding college  graduates in low skill positions, like counterwork at Starbucks,  and the unemployment rate is closer to 20 percent.

Another article on the Budget Deal, discusses the possible plan of attack.. but will this result in anything, or more of the fuss-fest that has been ongoing for the past what 2 1/2 years now? I am betting on it being a fuss-fest.

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