Perfect Example for the Death Penalty.

Posted: July 8, 2011 in Uncategorized

Perfect example for why the death penalty should be used.. the Michael Swanson case. This boy killed two women, and he even laughs in court.

2 life sentences & to pay $300k to the families.. How on earth will he acquire that sum of money while in jail? And I will never understand the point of multiple “life sentences”.. life should be that, he should lose his life for his crime.. not this arbitrary 15-35 year “life”. The one victim was 61 the other 47..

A life sentence in Iowa is mandatory and carries no chance for parole.

There is no chance for parole, but I can not find how long the actual life-sentence is for Iowa, and will he get out after that sentence is served? If so that means he could be released when he is as young as 45 or perhaps up to age 88.. that is a large range.. and 45 is still quite young, especially for the crimes he committed and his lack of remorse.

Of course his defense pulled the “mental” issues, this is an argument really bothers me, since any one who murders is at least temporarily insane.. insanity or mental illness should never be part of the argument.

“They let him out without any type of medication. That to me is a failure of the  system,” said the attorney.  “The system did not do their job. They didn’t do  their job as much for Sheila Myer as they did for Michael. I believe this could  have been avoided.”

And yet the system is not doing its job again, by allowing this boy to live.

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  1. bob says:

    What am I missing here Gypsy? Without possibility of parole how can he ever get out with two life sentences? In this case life does mean life. But I agree the death penalty is what he deserves. Does Iowa have the DP?

    • gypsy says:

      Nope Iowa does not have the death penalty, last execution there was 1965.. though an Iowa politician (Governor Thomas J. Vilsack (D)) phrases it as “we do have a death sentence in Iowa and that’s life in prison without parole.”

      That is not a death sentence, they are living till they die naturally.. when the victim died suddenly, unnaturally, at the hands of the murderer, and often in extreme horror…

      How can they relate staying in prison, until their natural death, as a death sentence?

      While this murderer does not have the chance for parole until his two terms are up.. what happens when his terms have been fullfilled, he has served that time.. that means he would get out when that time is up.

      I can find the life sentence length for a number of states.. but not for Iowa.. if anyone knows please share.

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