Killing for Fame?

Posted: July 13, 2011 in Uncategorized

Whether Casey Anthony was guilty or not.. the reality is what will the end result be? There are people who will look at the death of her child as part of her fame, and sick enough that is right. It does not even matter if she is guilty or not, but there will be some sickos out there who surely will opt to commit a murder just to rise to fame, that is not new.. it has happened for centuries, but now the popularity is much quicker… we can “thank” the media…

Think of other celebrities (or created celebrity), and what you think of them first for?

  • OJ Simpson, do you remember his trials or his career as a football player and actor?
  • Mike Tyson, do you remember his rage and biting off an ear, or his boxing career?
  • The oct-mom freak, (sorry don’t even want to use her name, and offer her further promotion).. but she has celebrity just for being a living, breathing, walking, talking leach.
  • Lindsay Lohan, the cute child actor or the drunken nut-case?
  • Brittney Spears, nearly ditto the Lindsay scenario.. but as a singer vs drugged up nut-case?

Oh and there are so many others.. so are we promoting celebrity of bad acts, vs celebrating people who have morals, integrity, and we can look up to and respect? Seems likely.

  1. Katie says:

    Why do you think that I don’t watch reality tv? I watched one episode of Survivor, when it first came out. Hated the way that the “good” people lost, while the lying “bad” ones won. Now, look at something like the “jersey shore” (and by “look”, I mean as briefly as you possibly can, who knows what germs can travel via tv).

    The more outrageous, disgusting, etc., the more famous. Whatever happened to the voice in people’s heads that used to warn that people that you care about might see you like that?

    • gypsy says:

      the exposure to the advertising for “reality” tv is more than I could ever stand.. they strike me as a current version of soap-operas, which again advertising was more than I could tolerate.

      I just can’t and won’t watch that kind of crap.. I would sooner watch grass grow, or my dog poop.. seriously..far more fascinating and won’t rot my brain as much (grin)

      The inner voice, ahh I think the gov’t replaced that in the masses, and now they now find “pride” in sinking to the lowest level imaginable, and if it is not the gov’t it is some other side-effect of brain-damage in mass..

      Now schools are opting for tabloid education standards focusing on gays in history.. other schools focused on stats have the teachers changing students tests, and cheating kids out of the education & help they need.. it is just too freaking messed up.

      I always wonder if now is the worst time in history.. what would I see if i could go back in time, would there be issues of that time that we could relate to, thinks that simply are not recorded in history.. really hard to imagine another time period sinking as low as everything has spiraled so far.. sigh.

  2. bob says:

    This all goes along with recent reports that kids when offered the choice to be rich or famous, most often chose famous.

    • gypsy says:

      Bob can you share that find.. it sure does fit,.. being famous they know money will follow, and responsibility won’t be a requirement.. morals are more of a hider vs a help.. they can have the life of a perpetual toddler.. expecting, demanding, and receiving..

  3. Katie says:

    I had also heard that report. Looking around, I found:

    I found a partial article:

    That one states that it is promoting narcissism and entitlement…. Sound familiar?

    • gypsy says:

      Great finds Katie..
      I think with the 1st one the underlying issue that points to is the decay of family & family values.. which in turn we can look at women’s lib.. the decay has been dramatic since women’s lib.. and only getting worse.

      So children craving attention, who rely on tv as their parent.. that is all they know. Since they are raised by the tv, the only examples they have to go by is what they are taught by momma/pop tv..

      Add.. the instant gratification of technology.. and the apologenic/compensaiting parent.. who gives the child whatever they want/whenever they want..

      Children are spoiled, their focus is skewed, but the parents have a huge part to play in this.. culture and enviroment are other facets. put them all together and we have a decay.. but it is one that can be filled, if people would open their eyes and stop feeding this monster.

  4. Katie says:

    I found this, today. While not exactly on topic, it does touch some of the above.

    So, big gov creates narcissists, boy/men, girls who opt to breed with the gov, selfishness, laziness…. No surprise there.

    • gypsy says:

      Katie I do see how that relates.. when people opt to be controlled by the gov’t, vs taking personal responsibility, when people do not have to grow up.. they can remain children, because any screw up they may make will be taken care of by the gov’t.. we have a country of perma-children.. add that to the media twisting morality, devaluing values.. etc.. we are falling in a cycle of decay, a decay that may be impossible to reverse.

      some of the highlights from that article (since too often good stuff tends to vanish)…

      “labeling each new entitlement a “right” — reinforces this sense of entitlement.”
      The part where the writer notes.. Women are “marrying” the gov’t vs choosing a husband.. Men ceasing to grow up, because the gov’t is taking care of “everyone”..
      “The welfare state inhibits the maturation of its young citizens into responsible adults”

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