The Reality: Obama’s Ratings should be lower!

Posted: July 25, 2011 in Uncategorized

Continuing on Obama’s low points.. the reality is his ratings should be lower! The economy, jobs, debt, deceit, and so many other reasons.. but for some reason Obama still has blind support from his followers.

From Rasmussen Reports:

Monday shows that 23% of the nation’s voters Strongly Approve of the way that Barack Obama is performing his role as president. Forty-four percent (44%) Strongly Disapprove

Overall, 44% of voters say they at least somewhat approve of the president’s performance. Fifty-five percent (55%) at least somewhat disapprove.

Obama’s high points:

  • His highest approval was 4 days after his  inauguration day January 22, 2009 at +30 and he went down hill from there.
  • We went below a +20 approval rating by February 1, 2009.
  • He has not seen a positive number in the teens since March 6, 2009..
  • He has not seen a double-digit positive since the end of May 2009.
  • He has not a single digit positive since the end of June 2009.

Obama’s Lows:

  • He hit Zero approval rating by June 5, 2009
  • He has remained below -10 since June 21, 2009
  • He has remained below -20 since July 26, 2009
  • He has been -20 or higher since December 22, 2009
  • His LOWEST was -24 on September 9, 2010

Side note: Sure wish we could have had a re-vote after say 6 months or even a year after he “won”.

Other Approval Polls..

  • Real Clear Politics. They show the different polls and how they compare. BUT notice the date range differs by a week for quite a few of the polls.
  • Gallup Poll is relatively close to Rasmussen.

And then for the ridiculous:

Huffington Post: They find Obama’s approval to be steady, ok in a sense yes, his ratings have been consistently poor. But they do reflect on the fact that there those who will support him no matter what he does, which gives his ratings a boost. (Hopefully that “boost” does not allow him to continue in the White House).

In spite of 9.2 percent unemployment and overall “satisfaction” with the state of the country at a two-year low, Americans continue to give President Obama higher approval ratings than experts would predict based on the economic climate.

So aside from Obama’s rating boost from his faithful zombies, he also has strong support in Wisconsin (which holds 10 electoral votes) . See Associate Press. So is it the Union control and   Union mentality? Why else would people in Wisconsin still support Obama?


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