Politics, Guns and…

Posted: July 28, 2011 in Uncategorized

… More Lies.

Townhall Painful to watch is the 1st video clip, where Meehan repeatedly asks (former ATF Special Agent William Newell) the source of the “fast & furious plan”, where did it originate? Newell re-phrases (intentionally interprets) the question to mean who was the one specific individual who said GO. He side-steps pointing to what department, area, or anything relating to how the plan was created. But apparently eventually the truth did surface.

Yesterday during testimony on Capitol Hill, we heard Former ATF Special Agent in Charge William Newell admit he was in contact with White House National Security staffer Kevin O’Reilly about Operation Fast and Furious as early as September 2010. Newell also admitted that the DHS, IRS, DEA, ATF, ICE and the Obama Justice Department were all heavily involved and were full partners in coming up with the concept and execution of Operation Fast and Furious

The 2nd video clip Obama apparently thinks he is president of Mexico, too. It was a secondary focus to prevent the violence & drugs in America, his primary focus was on the problems in Mexico. Of course such political speak is covering up his true intentions. His focus is to target all guns in America, he double talks this to hope to redirect ignorant voters for his 2012 run for President.

Obama says out of one side of his mouth he was involved (in fast/furious) , while denying it from the other. He knows the drooling media will patch up his mis-spoken statements, and make sure the masses do not hear/see it. I am not expecting him to be honest, I never expect that from a politician.. but I do worry about those people out there who actually take a politician’s word as truth. Read between the lines, look at their past actions and words.

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