Rationed Care

Posted: July 28, 2011 in Uncategorized

National Healthcare, is a topic I have been trying to get through the thick skulls of anyone who actually supports this idea. They suffer from short-sightedness (which I am sure won’t be covered under a national health care plan).

The reality is care will be rationed.. it may not happen over night, but as the system becomes more taxed, so will your healthcare. What happens next, things will be cut back..Do you recall the 1970s gas crisis and the rationing? If not ask someone who experienced it.. now imagine that happening with healthcare.

Side Note: The gas rationing, you had certain days you were permitted to get gas, and a certain amount you were permitted to purchase. Think about the mpg on 1970s vehicles, there was very limited travel because of the rationing. If there was not a long line, odds are the pumps were dry.

BUT, if those believers put all the pieces of the puzzle together they would be able to understand what the rest of us see clearly. When you have a gov’t entity controlling things there will be parts that will simply be left out.

Remember when the gov’t looks for a “solution” they rarely have all the information. Try to think of when you have had to deal with the government for anything, how long did it take, how thorough was it, did you get things resolved without popping a blood vessel? If you have somehow managed to not have to deal with the underbelly of the government beast, there surely are plenty of people around you surely you can find someone who has a lengthy story to share. Another source is if you are a democrat (and if you support gov’t healthcare, then odds are you are a democrat) look at all the issues you have had with republicans.. now remember they are part of government too, do you want them handling your health care?

Note: Carol Platt Liebau discussed the rationed healthcare in Britain. What is happening over there? She refers to The Independent (click those links to read more)

The requirement of the UK health system, you better be in some serious pain before they will ponder doing something about it, and in good physical shape too! Need cataract surgery? You better know Braille, and be tapping a cane before they will proceed.

But are they actually SAVING anything with these limits & delays for patient care? No. The longer a procedure is postponed, the more complex, the more risk., the more cost.. but I am sure they have an answer for that.. when you reach the point of technically qualifying they will tell you that you are too risky to treat. See that is how they will save money!


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