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Posted: July 28, 2011 in Uncategorized

Townhall Open Borders, Amnesty & Gutierrez arrested when he refused to move when asked.

His arguments are about a situation of deporting the parent of several children, or a spouse etc..that  there should be focus on the criminals, etc.. that there are good people in this country.. (while people protest in Spanish in the background).

Ok, sure that sounds lovely. But why do we make someone an instant citizen when their parents sneak in illegally?  This is a loophole people have stretched out of proportion & have abused! We need limits, and this loophole needs to be closed! The parent should be a citizen before plopping a child on our soil. That would curb the argument of removing illegal parents and deporting them.. if parents being deported were the the actual case. BUT there are so many protections in our country for illegals to live here, and to stay, that how often does an illegal parent get deporting leaving their American born children in the US? The hispanic children that flood the foster system are only in the system due to parents who committed (other) criminal acts (besides sneaking into the US and not becoming a citizen) or were inept parents or abusive parents.

The article ends with:

And in case any of you are wondering, ICE is already using prosecutorial discretion when it come to deportation. Instead of treating everyone equally under the law, ICE officials are picking winners and losers.

That story takes you to an article on the Dream Act . (visit that link to view all the exceptions to illegal immigrants and more sickening info).

The article highlights my points above, that illegals are not being hauled back to their country, ripped from American born children, etc. There simply are not enough resources (personnel, detention space, and cost of removal) to handle the actual number of illegal immigrants!

There is a long list of loopholes for people to be “overlooked” when it comes to deportation. This has opened a gaping hole in our country for people to parade in illegally, breaking the law by doing so, because they know the odds are in their favor. Yet how many countries have such loose immigration laws? Why do we even have laws if we don’t enforce them? Why do we make so many exceptions for people who break our laws? And why do we offer so many benefits to those who break our laws? Good grief, no wonder our country is spiraling into such a mess!

Look at California, they have “sanctuary cities” basically harboring criminals. They have extended additional privileges to illegal immigrant college students, illegals can receive in-state-tuition. So again more penalties for being a legal citizen, if you live in the US legally you will have to pay more if you opt to go to college in California. Gee do you think this is helping the financial failure that California has become? I highly doubt it. But it is all politics, but wait illegals can’t vote right? Well why do you think democrats do not approve of IDs for voting?


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