2012 Election & Young Voters Changing Course

Posted: July 28, 2011 in Uncategorized

Townhall article about the change in direction for the millennial Generation, they are turning Republican!


They finished college and now what? They have limited options and their lofty dreams are not sitting on their door step. They were raised to think of themselves as unique, they had everything personalized in their world, and a bevy of instant gratification at their fingertips. Obama promised them a utopia, a fresh field of dreams.. blah, blah.. well they finished college and entered a fresh field of crap, a world full of restrictions and limits, and no opportunities to exchange for their college degrees.

Remember Obama’s focus was on the welfare voter. And he has been focused on maintaining a welfare existence for the masses, in hopes of a re-election. That is his real HOPE, and his CHANGE was to make this a dependent society.

Of course youth votes are fickle, hopefully they will continue seeing Obama and Democrats are not the answer. They likely are and will be seeing that they have to work for what they want, it won’t be handed to them.. and the political promises are not worth spit.

Townhall reviewing the polls & approval rating. There is a potential for a landslide loss for Obama (cheers, yeah!!! happy news!)

They review some of the key states, Iowa, Michigan, New Hampshire & Ohio (white Obama won in 2008).

  • (Iowa) They highlight that even a liberal-group showed Romney leading Obama. Though Romney is just another flavor of Obama as far as I am concerned, but even Bachmann was competitive to Obama! That is huge!
  • (Michigan) the heavy union & hard-core democrat state, is also favoring Romney (again that is not a stretch, but in a heavy dem state, it does say a lot to even ponder someone with the republican name).  60% in Michigan ranked Obama’s job performance as poor.
  • (New Hampshire) Another state that is likely Romney vs Obama.
  • (Ohio) Where Obama has been doing a lot of political dancing, they are not liking what they see either.

The hard part is Obama’s ONE skill is campaigning, he loves to do it & apparently is good at it. So the hard part is getting past the showman, and getting the people to THINK and realize what the job of President really is.

The part that makes me nervous is another variety of Obama (Romney) being the front-runner!


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