Politics in Comics.

Posted: August 6, 2011 in Uncategorized

Yahoo: Biracial Spiderman.

Reading the comments was more valuable vs the actual article. Many people who are black saying how ridiculous the idea of changing the race of Spiderman. Though the comics state it is an alternate universe, it still is ridiculous.

One point in the comments mentioned Eartha Kitt, which was a perfect point. Growing up I never thought of Eartha Kitt as black, I just thought of her as beautiful woman, who played a darn incredible cat-woman. The race issues today are making race a focus when it does not need to be. How about making a good story, how about just choosing the right actors vs worrying about making a political statement?

  1. Katie says:

    Maybe Marvel is getting despirate. I hear that they are discontinuing the Xmen.

    Frankly, I don’t like the idea of them changing races, or people, etc. I just don’t like change. If they want to have a new character, then make a new character. (yes, I’m the same way with Doctor Who – I always want him to be a Anglo-Saxon male….)

    But, I’m laughing about your cat woman comparison. Maybe because the catwoman that I was familiar with was Eartha Kitt, and I never really noticed her race. She was just a great catwoman.

    • gypsy says:

      I think with Eartha, I don’t think there was a focus or big deal make about her race either.. so it just never occured to me (it was a comment on that article that make me say oh, right she was not white). There are many actors who I see that way, I have to take a second look when I hear someone is a certain race.. because I either see talent or not.. not gee that person is German, that one is Japanese, that one is Mexican, etc..

      And that is not to say I don’t see color, I knew Will Smith is black, but it was never the first focus about him.. he is a great actor, and great singer.. not that he is a black actor. Race should not be a focus.. just like music, there are singers who I never knew if they were black, white, or whatever.. and if I knew what race they were would, that simply would not affect my interest in listening them them.

      So, why is there is NOW such a ridiculous focus on race, why are comics, movies etc trying to be “fair” by making special focus on making sure races are represented..

      I guess affirmative action has oozed over to celebrity?

      How long algo did we hear the race focus being to be racially-blind, to not see color? Now there is such a ridiculous focus on black or white!

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