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… and this will make Michelle Obama happy too.

Since fuel standards are set for some ridiculous requirements in upcoming years, vehicles are becoming more expensive without any reason, adding to our economy screaming “kill me, kill me now”…

What would satisfy fuel standards? be cost-effective? increase jobs? not harm or use animals? not harm the environment? and help improve physical activity and make people more healthy?

Replace cars with chariots. Chariots carried by humans (PETA happy). This would eliminate fossil fuels (eco-freaks happy), not harm the environment (bonus for the eco-freaks), not involve animals (again reinforcing the pro for Peta), employ more people (economy boost and eliminating welfare), and improve physical activity (michelle obama happy).

What about the auto-plants? All mechanization would be removed, all creation of chariots would strictly man-made, employing more people per vehicle (again eliminating welfare).

The humans carrying the chariots, isn’t that slavery? They would be paid for their work, and it would be an employable job, not mandated or forced.

So see.. we have the ultimate solution to everyone’s complaints. And imagine the new competition for speed, as people look for the fastest carriers. Imagine the ghetto-kids souping up their rides. See all the options are there.