Get over yourself.

Posted: October 6, 2011 in Uncategorized

Have you ever had one of those moments where you just want to slap someone & say to them “Get over yourself”?

Why do some people get so wrapped up in some things and take any response deep & personal? Like a persons attachment to politics or political member, or some charity.

Just thinking of someone who went ballistic over my inquiry on where her charity stands, how is it backed, and verifying  how long it had been around.

Why would I ask? Because NO charity should be funneled through the government (automatically gives a political facet to the organization no matter what). No charity should involve people just dumping cash and never being aware of where it goes. Too many times that ends up in the wrong hands, sometimes terrorists, rebels, or people who are out to hurt those the donater’s good will is out to help.

This individual also stated she had been supporting this organization for about 6 years.. but there is no information that goes back more than 2 years. What I did find is they have no one who is running the organization, so no one you can contact, and no one really handling what goes where to whom & when.

Also looking at a charity that is filtered through our government, that makes me wonder why our government is not focused on what is happening here. Why our government is focused on hurting the farmers, regulating them to death.. all these things in turn kill the farmer and kill the economy. Our government is responsible for OUR country, and at the rate it is going we are going to be in need of other nations’ charity… but who will do that? Why does our country need to be so charitable anyhow? I think likely our country just feels guilty for any success, and in denial about any current failure.. this country is trying to compensate.

Alas her friends and other supporters attacked me for my questions.

But did they review their organization, do they know who/what they are supporting? I doubt it when they do not even realize that it is handled by the US State Department and was organized during the 2009 G8 conference. This is very-very political, and they chose to attack vs think.

Alas.. (slap) “Get over yourself!”

I know some people prefer to live in denial, they do not want to ever admit they are wrong. When I ask a question I am looking for the other person’s input (this is how a person learns and expands), and if an idea/thought differs from my own.. I will be happy to review the facts or listen to that opposing theory. Sadly too many people do not subscribe to that type of thinking, and just opt to have a tantrum.

Again.. to those individuals “Get Over Yourself!”

So yes this whole issue irks me, and yes I am sure I lose people from my life due to such issues, but I constantly tread lightly, I constantly bite my tongue avoiding saying what I want to say, or asking what I want to ask, or offering my input. I realized in turn I am also surpressing who I am. I am sick and tired of having to do that.. and if someone does not like that, that is their problem not mine.


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