Obama’s RE-Run

Posted: October 6, 2011 in Uncategorized

Guy Benson has some highlights on Obama’s recent re-run press conference. So let’s see what is happen in the Nut-House..

No shock Obama jumped right on his “job-bill” push. Someone should tell him the horse is dead.. bury it. Even the Democrats are not supporting him on this, and apparently Reid wants to push his own over-tax the rich “solution” (for further twisting the knife into our economy). Benson adds (Reid’s plan) would make the “Occupy Wall Street” protestors all happy.

No doubt the reason why Obama is still pushing his “jobs-bill” is more of a campaign tool to say see the Republicans won’t play nice.. while drawing a curtain over the Democrats who are against that bill too. It seems this way because he keeps name calling and pointing fingers at the Republicans, what other reason than for his venom & spit campaign?

Obama offers horror of crumbling bridges, as a reason why he is begging for this new extension of credit. Makes you think of the person who got a home repair loan to fix their roof, but they built a pool and now complain they still need money to fix the roof.. oops we forgot about what we got the money for in the first place. So now he wants more, for the same reason he wanted it for before. And he calls those who oppose it “cynical”.. gee now why would that be?

Obama calls on economic experts to back him on his idea.. makse me think of Gore and his experts who backed him on his global warming hysteria

The next item was Obama’s quasi support of the “Occupy Wall Street” protestors, he lumped them with the American people, that the protestors show the frustration of the American people.. ahh ok Obama, we are frustrated, but it is with the Government. This makes me wonder if he orchestrated the protests since it fits with his agenda, he wants to tax the rich, he has had an ongoing attack against them.. so that makes me wonder if he may have some tie-in there, that it is basically his own personal demonstration? It just would not shock me.

Obama confirms he is an out of touch & oblivious president, by denying Eric Holder, as well as himself, knew anything about fast & furious… even though a variety of proof has been offered confirming Holder was completely aware. So if they were equally “unaware” we have solved the puzzle, they say things as opposites.

We need to create an Obama-dictionary.. flashing back to “above my pay grade” as one of Obama pre-white house campaign statements, and now he refers to his current issues as they “pre-date” him.. in other words “Bush did-it”, “it wasn’t me, it was Bush”. As Obama refers to the Solyndra scandal. Yet it has already been clearly pointed out, Bush declined Solyndra. Obama pulled it out of the trash & tossed  money & praise at it.

Obama also is using “bet” to refer to the bad choices he (keeps) making.. that they are just life. So how many other BETS will we be discovering? And then there is the China factor…

The president’s main point seemed to be that we can’t let China out-subsidize us on exploring and developing future clean technologies, so we must borrow more money from them to outspend them.  Wonderful.

And Obama keeps kissing the back-ends of our enemies (ie Pakistan), seems the more someone hates us the more he defends, and protects them?

In final.. I love Guy Benson’ summary” .

In summaryPass this bill.  It’s paid for.  Republicans have no ideas.  Mitch McConnell controls Congress.  Independent economists love it.  Millionaires and billionaires.  Fair share. Not my fault.  Japanese Tsunamis.  I didn’t know.  Bush.  Pah-kee-stahn.  Pass this bill. Is it 2012 yet?


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