Reading MORE than just the Label.

Posted: October 6, 2011 in Uncategorized

Is a liberal always a liberal… is a conservative always a conservative?

I was pondering the state of California. I know many people out there, they are typically on the coastal part of California. While, I know New York City does not represent the state of New York, the city is just a pin dot on the state, sadly it is one nasty pin-dot. For California they have a larger infestation along their coast line. Even those who say they are conservatives are liberals. Perhaps they think they are being rebels against the known liberal element that infests their state? Maybe in comparison to the ultra liberal concentration, they are conservative just by contrast?

I think of one person who traveled with in her own state, to experience nice & helpful people.. so remarkable so that she had to say something about it. It is so easy to become tempered to attitudes, thought processes, etc.. when you are soaked in it for so long. I grew up on the east coast where foul language is used more frequently than a pronoun. So thinking of her response and surprise about nice and helpful people, I have confirmed that she very well likely is oblivious to the liberal make up of where she lives.

It is not a knock against her just a realistic observation. It is very easy to become drawn in and become what you are surrounded by, and never to be aware.

She has claimed to be a conservative, but she admits she knows nothing about politics, she is completely unaware of what is going on around her, and affecting her.. she opts for the ostrich approach to life (or perhaps a child’s closing their eyes to make it go away). When I discussed things with her, so many of her responses are dripping of what a liberal thinks, and yet her daughter claims to be a liberal and has proven she holds far more conservative points than she will ever admit.

It fascinates me, watching the human animal.. and the denial process.

I grew up in a very conservative part of the east coast, later moved to an extremely liberal area.. and in recent years moved to a very conservative area of the southwest.. so I have seen an amazing mix of conservatives & liberals. Where I grew up I held very liberal views.. maybe part because I was young, maybe because I was rebelling against what the common thread was, maybe a little of both. But observing, witnessing, thinking, and knowing more about what is going on is what gave me a more conservative stand on things.. yet I am not 100% conservative, but if I have to claim one or the other I will claim conservative if someone needs to place me one side of the line or another.

Some of the things that make me see that person as a liberal, one is she duck & covers when it comes to hearing or knowing what is happening around her.. she is more willing to hand over her rights and life to someone else’s control. She knows no different from clinic style health care, and is oblivious she could have better, she just goes with what she is told… obediently. If she votes, I am sure it is an eenie-meanie-miny-moe vote, where she does not know anything about her choices.. she just picks at random.

So yes I see liberals as content to have their lives controlled by their government, they want less responsibility, less thinking. They do not want to be troubled by all of that. They see the police as their personal protectors, and are content to hand over their rights and freedom. They feel everything should be handed to them. They are “happy” to live as a ostrich, sticking their head in the and and remaining  in denial about everything in the world around them.. that they can live in a world of peace if they just simply do not know what is really going on.. a liberal’s philosophy: ignorance is bliss.

Remember that union members often are liberals. And if they “think” they are conservatives, ask them a few questions and the truth will be revealed. They really do not think they can survive without the union. The union is controlling their lives, their jobs, their pay, and politics. They have no decisions of their own, no thoughts, no freedom.

Question.. but when you see protestors they are often liberals. True, maybe it is because they are bored and it is more of a social thing. Maybe they feel all rebellious when they do it, so it pushes part of their liberal barriers. But they rarely know what they are protesting they are often handled by an organizer who gives them their sign and tells them where to sit, stand walk, or shout. It is not a freedom or rebellious thing, it is a very controlled event.

This also ties into the election we are just over a year away.. never trust a Democrat is a Democrat, or a Republican is a Republican. They are both politicians pure & simple.. what needs to be reviewed is their past, present and their actions. Sadly too many people are fixed on the label and will vote along that line ONLY, they will not know who they voted for, or why… just like too many people did in 2008, they had no idea what Obama was, and many still don’t.

My suggestion for life.. read MORE than just the label!


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