Life or Death?

Posted: October 18, 2011 in Uncategorized

I have been thinking about some of the insanity and hypocrisy out there, there are people who protest the death penalty and treatment of prisoners, others raising support against suicide, then there are those who want to allow illegal immigrants the same (or more) rights of US citizens, and those who support abortion.. including late-term.. clarification on late-term, a fully squirmy & alive baby being put to death or treated like medical waste.

How can there be people who defend abortion but there still can be people against the death penalty and suicide?

How can we have people who support laws yet we have people want rights for those who break our laws? IE those who defend prisoner rights (vs victim rights) and those who think those who break our laws to enter our country and live a life side stepping our laws deserve the same rights as US citizens who follow the law, pay taxes, and are here legally? Add that those people confuse what an immigrant is vs someone who is ILLEGAL (i.e. someone who breaks our laws).

Think about those who are involved with the Occupy Protests. Most do not even know what they are protesting, they are there just for social reasons, or a way to whine. They are proud of their turn out, and how they are infesting other cities, but what does that prove? That tells me that these same people who are protesting corporations sure know how to make used of corporations… the tools & outlets of communication and media are corporations. It tells me that they have a lot of people who are out of work, or don’t want to work, and just want to hang out in the dirt holding their hands out with demands. As a common protest yells.. What do we want? They want to be perpetual toddlers, they want to be fed, clothed, changed, and given what they want, when they want it. These are the result of the 1980s bungee cord leashed children, tons of safety devices, no red ink, no losers, “fairness” and other society decaying wishy-washy garbage.

There is madness run amuck, when people think abortion is a right, when they think criminals deserve rights, and when they think that socialism is a good thing.

The decay and madness of our country has been a process that has taken many Democrats to create.. FDR to Carter to Obama specifically. Obama has gathered the weapons of the past and thrown them with deadly accuracy at our future, which has given us blow-back to the present.

The protestors, may be able to pick out some news highlights they skimmed from their twitter accounts, and are rolling with it, but seems none of them actually know the foundations or full stories about what they are protesting . This is proven when they have been asked what they are protesting and what resolutions they desire. They simply do not know. They see the banks and corporations as evil, why? because they saw a few characters of text that told them so. Do they even know what those corporations are? No, because they are still relying on those corporations to make their argument. Imagine if the protestors had to live with out the big corporations they think are so evil, with out the banks, with out all these things they relate to greed… anything that has had success.

Simply the protestors need to live like Amish, they need to make their own clothes, from the animals they raise, that they shear, and spin the threads to make the fabric, to create their clothing…. they need to raise the crops to feed those animals, as well as to feed their own selves,… they need to create the metal to make the tools, they need to cut the wood to construct their home, they need to melt the wax to create their light,… the life of Amish people defines the equal life they claim to desire. It is a life where no one achieves more than another, they do not advance in technology, they share with the commune, they do not accept from the outside world. The way the protestors are living, they are asking/demanding for people to give them things.. they need food and supplies donated to them, but do they realize how those supplies & food are created, they are made by corporations.. if they eliminate those corporation created donations, the option is to live like the Amish.

There sure are a lot of things I would ask the protestors. I would ask what they enjoy in life. Travel, sports, vacations, hobby, cars, driving, music, technology, fashion, movies, tv, luxury, etc. I would ask them to think about the corporations involved in creating those things. That those things improved and advanced over the years due to businesses that became more successful and more profitable, the thing they call greed. I would ask can they live with out those things? Could they live like the Amish?

I hear people who attack corporations for greed, that they are hoarding their money, they won’t spend, they won’t hire. A successful business knows when to spend, when to hire, when to expand… and when to hold back on these things. The businesses that have opted to spend, merge, expand, and go on a frenzy are the ones that we see closing up due to that failure. So are the protestors celebrating & demanding failure?

There is a point to every level of existence. We all can not have all knowledge and all skills, we turn to people who have focused their life into a specific skill. A doctor focused on medicine, but that does not mean he knows about cars, so he turns to a mechanic. The mechanic is skilled with cars, but may not be great at cooking so he turns to the baker/cook. The cook make be incredible with food, but can not sew a stitch, he turns to the tailor. We have more and better thing because of those who focus on what they are good at and can share those skills. When we look for help, we do not look for the person who failed at it.. we want the best we can afford. We did not stop with the very first computer, we looked to have it expanded, improved, faster, smarter, lighter, smaller, etc. Our automobiles we wanted them to be more efficient, to last longer, to require less maintenance, and to be safer. We can admire a Model T, but would you want to still commute in one? Or would you want to still be traveling with a horse and wagon? It might be novel and neat, but not on a daily basis. We have the convenience of going to the grocery store for food, vs raising our own crops, raising our own livestock, butchering them, and then storing that food to sustain us for the winter, along with keeping the livestock healthy and alive.

Excellence should be rewarded, not condemned.

The argument on what is wrong with the current system, is also ironic… while protestors attack the corporations and banks, and want the government to handle more… This is where it is obvious that they receive their news in small headlines, minimal characters on their iPhone. The problem with banks and corporations is the government. The more the government has gotten involved with anything they have made a tough situation worse.

  • Government involvement in the education system, has only made children less equipped for the future due to too much government involvement. The government has added too much political focus to education vs fundamentals/basics.
  • Prohibition created more crime, killed off (for the time period) major employers (liquor/beer industry), caused massive unemployment and economic issues.. next up Great Depression
  • Great Depression was created due to gov’t involvement in unions, prohibition, and banking.
  • Welfare problem, created by the gov’t trying to fix the economic situation they created, so they gave more to those who did nothing and expanded that over the course of decades, rewarding people for doing less or nothing.
  • Housing market.. gov’t insisted everyone should be able to buy a home, regardless if they could afford it. The boom & bust happened. The gov’t decided no one should lose their house due to inability to pay for it.. every time the gov’t thinks they have the answer our home values go down.
  • Unemployment, the gov’t thinks they know how to fix that so they tax the future to create jobs, that they never created.. unemployment went up.
  • Health care, gov’t thinks they have the answer, and we are already feeling the pain of what will come as costs increase, we are not even close to seeing what will happen next. (which will be clinic atmosphere, less care, etc)
  • Auto Industry, gov’t again felt they could fix it by taking our money to bail them out.. GM is costing taxpayers per the minute still.

The government is not (rather should not be) there to micromanage our lives. When people demand the gov’t step in and fix something it costs us greatly, and infinitely.

I was going to touch further on the concept of life and death, and went more into what is killing our country instead. In the back of my mind I had thoughts about discussing suicide, so let me touch on that for a moment. We have a country that allows women to kill their babies, and it is considered a right. The difference between murder and suicide is who you are killing. Why has our country seemed to defend murder, by supporting abortion, and denying death penalty? Yet suicide is treated as a crime. Why don’t people have the right to kill themselves? Why is it acceptable ok to kill another person, but not oneself? (And I used the word acceptable, since a murderer rarely receives proper punishment, or literally gets away with murder). This is something I just can not understand. If it is ok to have abortion clinics, why not suicide clinics? If any right of death should even be permitted it should be the right of a person to end their own life.

But going back to abortion.. when people say this is a right, and it is something a woman should be permitted to choose.. my thought is about that child. I grew up unwanted, so I have personal sympathy there. I also have tried to go through the adoption process to adopt a child, so understanding the adoption process, and people saying adoption is an alternative to abortion.. yes for infants it can be, but isn’t always. There are many children who are raised in the foster system, who age out, never adopted, from my own experience it is because it is a horrible system to work with (go figure it is a government entity). So the sad part for me is for a child to be brought into the world unwanted, and live that way. But is abortion and alternative to adoption? No. The problem I see is education. And not specifically the government entity of education but the rights and responsibilities the government has taken from parents to be able to raise and educate their children. The concept of family, along with our country, has decayed over the course of generations. It is rare to see close and loving families. It is the frayed family, the disconnect, the lack of communication, the lack of involvement, the lack of interest. Too many people have children, and they hand them over to the government to raise in one form or another, either by the foster system or by the education system. As we see more children raised by the government we also see more teen pregnancies, more babies treated like trash (via abortion, foster, or how they are raised).

So what is the alternative to abortion? That is simple, Family and less government. If people can form families again, and stop handing their children over to the government, stop allowing the schools to control them and their children, to stop allowing the tv to raise their children.. if these things can happen.. we can return abortions to medical necessity only. Women can stop using abortion as a birth control option. Women can have more respect for themselves, their bodies, their health, their lives, and the lives of others… those are the rights women have, and should enjoy.

Let me sum up… Abortion has been used as a women’s liberation tool, it has been treated like a trophy and something to be proud of, it has been called a right. Abortion is not a right, respect for self is a right. The ability to protect oneself, one’s body, those are rights.

The right and responsibility we have is our own self-respect, our own actions, our own future. To ever depend on others to make those things happen for us, and especially the entity of a government.. is a form of suicide, and we might as well make clinics for that too.

  1. Anita S says:

    Your post addresses many issues that I don’t feel competent to tackle at present. I will just give my thoughts on one of them: corporations.
    In my attendance at the Occupy protests, I was not protesting corporations’ right to exist. Of course, we need them to keep our standard of living. Who among us really want to toss Apple, Tyson, Dell, McDonalds? Most corporations do mostly good things, and they are integral to our culture.
    I do tend to take offense, however, when the leaders of corporations choose to move jobs to other countries where people will work in squalid conditions for almost nothing. I think it is unethical. I also take offense when corporations use their enormous resources to buy off legislators, ensuring that the laws enacted will be in their favor. Again, unethical in my view. Finally, I take great offense when companies like Bank of America take huge handouts from the Federal government — i.e., taxpayers — and give billion-dollar bonuses to their chief officers. This is unethical and immoral, and shows great disdain for the taxpayer.
    Some would say, “well, that’s capitalism.”
    So capitalism equals unethical and immoral behavior? I don’t think so.
    As a protestor, all I wanted to do was bring attention to the wrong things that corporations can and will do, especially when a corporation is viewed as having the same rights as an individual. I don’t want to get rid of corporations, merely bring them to the same standards of accountability as everyone else (especially banks).
    And, even though your post shows that you and I disagree on virtually everything, I am glad that at least we have the opportunity to share our opinions without fear of being imprisoned or otherwise sanctioned!

    • gypsy says:

      Anita, thank you very much for you comment! I definitely appreciate & welcome your thoughts.

      I am glad you are not one of the protestors who is against corporations, but there are many out there who are, and those who go with the “tax the rich” theory.

      Jobs over seas, is not due stritctly due to the corporations but again our government.. and the free-trade-agreement that shoved jobs overseas. Our government adding restrictions to corporations. Plus the unions restricting and strangling businesses. This all makes it cheaper for a business to hire 20 people in another country to do the job of 1 American.

      Our farmers are restricted by the EPA, and gov’t regulation.. it ends up cheaper for them to ship Hay to China, vs within our own country. So the cost of hay goes up, so does the price of food. It all traces right back to the gov’t.

      I definitely do not see the situation our country is in as capitalism, it is due to overreaching gov’t , our country has chased away what made this country strong on many levels, and so have the unions.

      Again it is not the corporations who bare all the burden of fault (though they are not 100% innocent), It is our government. We need to get the gov’t out of the corporations, we need our gov’t to return to what we elect them to do, they have lost perspective, then need to stop changing our Constitution, and stop killing our country.

      Thank you Anita!!!

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