If I were President.

Posted: October 20, 2011 in Uncategorized

I was thinking about the poor excuse for Presidents over the course of my life time (and even before I was born). I was thinking about how the position of President morphed from concern for this country and ability to lead into a popularity contest and a career politicians ultimate stepping stone.  The race for President has become more about who can raise more campaign funds. The entire point of the President has been lost.

Look at Obama, his entire life has involved political stepping-stones, the time spent in any position was just a rung to campaign for the next. No wonder he seems baffled about the next election, it does not give him anything more… and where does he go (up) from here? What would he campaign for next term?

The career politician is an issue, and maybe that mold needs to be broken. I am not a politician, but I am politically aware. I do not know everything, by any means, but I want to know, and I will ask questions. I see at ground level so much of what is broken in our country and I have solutions, maybe I should run for President?

1st Eliminate Unions. These are a source of so many things killing our country and economy. Look at the products resulting from unions… our domestic auto industry once was great, those who built the vehicles were proud, the stronger unions became the more the quality and reliability declined. Now so much of domestic vehicles comes from Mexico, Canada & China. It has become cheaper to ship in the parts and pieces of our own vehicles, why is that? The Unions (and our government). Eliminate the Unions, bring back pride in the product, and we will improve the quality of the vehicles, we will improve the economy, and decrease unemployment. Look also at the education system, Unions have made teachers into career teachers, not concerned about the students, just concerned about getting a paycheck and how much they can get.. period. Teachers, good teachers, are valuable, and sadly rare. The education system does not need a union, and the result is destroying the future (children). Unions are political mobs, they do not exist to benefit the employee or this country.

2nd Eliminate the Free Trade Agreements. There is a point of having good international relationships, but it should not come at a cost to our country, the people of this country or our future. The Free Trade has become a way to filter our jobs overseas. We need to find better ways to maintain good international relationships but not at the cost to the US.

3rd Crime. We need to eliminate the million tiers of crime. There are too many loopholes that result in people literally getting away with murder. No “hate crime” since all crime is not due to love. No “insanity plea” since even momentarily a person is insane when involved in their crime. No “under the influence” since like insanity and hate, it is the action that is the factor not the state of mind when performing the act. When people feel there is a loophole they let go of the control and common sense they normally have, and if they don’t have that to begin with, all the more reason they should be locked up or eliminated, since they can not be reformed and it will be highly likely they will repeat their crime. Yes I am pro-death penalty, but for those states that are against it they should have an actual life without parole sentence (not 20 years, but life which means till death).

4th Marriage. All legally recognized unions between two committed, consenting adults should be recognized as Civil Union. Marriage a personal choice for the couple to have a religious ceremony, identified by their religious entity. Government should not be involved in the religious choices of individuals, and just the legal aspect, which would make these unions “Civil Unions”. This would eliminate the issue raised by those who do not like the idea of same-sex unions being called marriage, if it is to be called that it will be between the couple and their church, not between them and the government.

5th Discrimination & Affirmative Action. These need to be eliminated as well. An employer should not feel required to hire or not fire an unqualified individual. This is damaging to that business, and again to the economy. Just like when a person is looking for a physician, they are looking for the best physician they can afford, they are not looking for someone who fits a specific race/religious/gender profile, they are looking for the best person. Just like the employer benefits by choosing the best qualified individual. These restrictions may have had a purpose at one time, but they have been used and abused by those who want to be paid just for existing vs what they are qualified to do.

6th Reduce Government. When the government gets involved in any issue this country experiences, they extend those problems and further restrict this country. Think back to Prohibition, it killed a major source of jobs, increased crime, and then we had the Depression. When we had the Depression, they got involved with massive spending which extended and intensified the Depression. The government’s answer to the depression was the Welfare system, that has been used and abused by generations since.  Government got involved in the housing market, forcing banks to lend to those who could not afford homes… we then had the housing boom, then as those who could not afford those homes went into foreclosure we had the bust. The government keeps thinking they can fix it, when all we need is for them to keep their hands off the housing market,& keep their hands out of the banks. The government needs to take its tentacles out of business, out of banks, and out of the homes of America.

7th Welfare System. What was intended to be a short-term assistance during the Depression, has instead grown, and expanded. Those on Welfare have discovered they can do better on Welfare vs working. They have found ways to milk more out of the system, and the system keeps giving them new options to get more. My choice would be to eliminate the Welfare system, but I will allow for maybe a 3 month limit as emergency transitional assistance. The problem with Welfare is it looks like we have more people in need that we actually have, because of the way people take advantage of the system. If you remove the crutch, they will figure out how to walk again. It may be tough, but they will become stronger for it. We need to stop expanding the benefits, we need to drastically shrink them. Our economy would improve, and our country would improve.

8th Health Care. No government involvement. No Medicaid. What we need in this country is for insurance to cross state lines, absolutely, and the pre-existing factor to be eliminated. But we do NOT need the government to control or be involved in this. Just allow for these two factors and everything else will come together. The competition between companies is what keeps prices down and improves the product. Why did I say no Medicaid, with drastically reducing Welfare part of that would be health assistance during that 3 month emergency transition, and with the improvement in insurance competition the options will become more affordable. Medicaid has become an argument against government health care, because of the limitations, the choice of facilities and physicians… Medicaid also acts as a mandate for coverage, and there simply should be no mandate for health coverage. If we free up the system, it becomes more affordable, there can be more options, and better options.

9th Guns. This is a tricky issue, since those who do not know about guns fear them, they want to restrict them, and do not understand the 2nd Amendment. One they need to realize the police department does not exist for their personal protection, that they the individual is solely responsible for their own personal protection. Look at areas that have gun-bans, or are “gun-free” , look at the crime rates in those areas. Remember also that gun-bans, and gun-laws are only restricting law-abiding citizens, not the criminal. A criminal exists to break laws. I would start with more education on guns, gun safety, and self-defense.

10th Education. The education system needs to go back to basics. Blending class rooms with people with learning disabilities, and the no-losers policies need to be removed. Those with learning disabilities need additional time and assistance, and that time takes away from the regular students, this hurts both groups. Classes should be grouped by educational need or excellence, blending class rooms holds back the excellence of the stronger students, and stalls those who need more help. This is not an insult to any group, this is simply offering the best education for each child. The concept of losers/winners, failing/passing, red ink, or anything else that could “hurt someone’s feelings” is making children weaker, and unable to handle any disappointments later in life. If a child is not doing well at something it can either challenge them more to work harder, or to focus on what they are stronger at. If they simply do not know they are not doing well, because “there are no losers”, how can they excel at anything? There needs to be more concentration on the basics of education, and eliminate any of the political fluff (i.e. enviromental politics, diversity, or other political favorites of the day). Plus eliminating the unions, and having teachers who want to teach, vs just a job.

11th Immigration. For anyone out there confused by the concept of “ILLEGAL” it means non-lawful, or against the law.. in other words breaking-the-law. We welcome people to this country by legal means. One change I want to see, birth should not be an instant green-card. The legal status of the parents is what should make a child a citizen or not, not what soil they were born on. This concept is the gaping loophole in our immigration law, and that loophole needs to be eliminated.  Employment issues & Legal-Citizens, there needs to be a way for employers to verify the legal status of their employee. Maybe something set up like a credit card machine, they can just run their ID through? These could be accessed at a local employment office, if the can not afford a unit in their office.

12th Voting: Mandatory to show an ID to vote. Why is this even up for debate? Every time I go to vote, I want to show my ID, because it makes sense.. I feel strange that there is not any verification of who is voting.

13th Abortion. If we are going to allow a free-for-all abortion option, the same clinics can offer suicides as well. The abortion issue has been abused. Women’s libbers want people to believe it is a “Right”, when instead it is leftovers from the sexual revolution, anything goes, no responsibility era. It is not about “choice” it is not about “rights” and it is not about “women’s health”. If it were about women’s health, then all women would be “requiring” an abortion. Instead an abortion is the result of poor choices, lack of responsibility, lack of self-respect, and ignorance. Do Women’s libbers really want women to believe that those are their “Rights”, to be irresponsible, make bad choices, and remain ignorant?? A woman’s CHOICE and RIGHT is self-respect! If she is using abortion as a birth control option, if she is too ignorant to realize how she can become pregnant (or contract a disease), if she so sexually active (and out of control) that she has such “accidents”.. these are much bigger educational/emotional & mental  issues, not rights or choices. Abortion should ONLY be due to medical necessity  (danger to the mother or child situation) or due to a crime (rape). Abortion is the exception and should not be a law or rule.

14th Taxes: Something to be reviewed. After government shrinks, Welfare shrinks, Unions eliminated, our jobs back on our soil, and the economy back on track the financial requirements for this country will need to be reviewed and restructured.

15th International: We are not here to police the Earth, we are not here to fix other countries, we are not here save the world. We need to stop trying to make friends with our enemies by exposing our soft under belly. We need to realize who are friends are and maintain those relationships. But none of these things means selling our country, giving away our economy, or opening our door to everyone and anyone. We need to be aware of what is going on in the good & bad of the world, but we do not need to be a friend to all. We do not need to apologize for our past, or this country being great. We need to be proud of our country, and not ashamed. I find it bizarre that our country seems to believe it is here to be the resource for all countries.

Summary Back to Basics: Everything goes back to basics, the government, laws and the schools. These have become too entwined and complex. Too many loopholes in law, too much overreaching of government, and too much politics in school. The government also could use a lot of fat-cutting. There needs to be term limits for all positions, too many voters just vote based on familiarity vs choice.

Maybe this country needs someone who is not a career politician and just a regular citizen?


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