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What is Greed?

Posted: November 2, 2011 in Uncategorized

Why is success considered greed and a bad thing? Why when something elevates past novelty or struggling, why is it then that thing is attacked or considered a bad thing? Greed has always had a negative association, but the big problem is how the concept of success/wealth and greed are confused.

So what is greed?

First look at the focus on “tax the rich” and the current social event.. aka Occupy protests. There is this demonization of success and wealth, there is a disconnect from what the source of our economic issues stem from (quick hint, look to DC).

I was watching a Histories Mysteries episode  (from 2006), on Roswell New Mexico, several things struck me in that episode that is relevant to current events.

There was a comment about the conspiracy being about greed, to market Roswell for tourism. But is the celebration of the fantasy (or reality) of extraterrestrial contact a bad thing? If a town benefits, and those who believe receive enjoyment or peace from Roswell, how is that a bad thing? If it is then those who enjoy the fantasy of Hollywood, Disney, amusement parks, movies, and so on.. then those too surely are exploiting greed, and a bad thing, as well? Then those who have faith in religion and a God, then that too surely must be bad too?

Reflecting on the tourism in Roswell,  the tourism benefits that town, it is not forcing anyone to visit or spend. If someone sees this as bad, then all things that draw in tourists must be bad? The oceans, the mountains, historic sites, etc.. then those too must be bad?

If the tie in to extraterrestrials is too distracting, then think about all things that someone can profit from. We go to a restaurant for something quick, something unique, or something we can not make. The ingredients to those dishes would cost a fraction of what we pay, but we pay for that convenience or something special.

There are many things we all could make or do on our own, but we pay for the convenience. There are many things to enjoy but we may opt to make a donation to benefit and keep those things operating.

Why is the concept of profit considered bad? Why is success considered bad?

When people want to find an enemy or to place blame they often get confused or misdirected, like the idea that guns are a bad thing, when the good or bad is the person who controls the gun. So much of this have “evolved” to blaming the victim. We  have people who find more fault with the banks versus the government that strong-armed them. The housing market collapse was due to the government demanding banks give loans to people who could not pay, which resulted in massive foreclosures, that lead to the housing market bubble burst. The recent additional fees being charged by certain banks was a result of further regulations by the government. Food has increased due to EPA/government regulations, fees, and so on.

The Depression was extended due to government involvement, control over banks, and more spending and hand outs. The current financial situation is due to government involvement, control over banks, and more spending and hand outs.. see a repeat of history?

So again, what is greed? The true greed is our government, they are power-hungry, and the government has an insatiable appetite.