Liberal Hypocrisy: No Apologies

Posted: March 2, 2012 in Uncategorized

Sorry it has been awhile. There has been so much redundancy in the news and politics that I have not been terribly inspired to discuss much. So what has brought me here to chat today? Huffington, the liberal “news” site.

A friend shared the “comedy” item on Huffington that attacked Rick Santorum and Catholics. The writer followed up with an “I’m NOT sorry” version of an “apology”. The item was sickening and hateful, but that is what liberals feed off of, yet they love to say conservatives are hateful.

Then I saw on Facebook, someone posted an outrage item about Rush Limbaugh calling a college student a slut. I will say yes, Rush could have phrased things differently, but his disgust over so much that is going on is understandable. Take the situation with obamacare and the solution of including contraception, he would offer it for free to religious groups that do not approve. In other words it is still there, but the cost will go to the rest of us, how does that fix the problem? The girl (who Rush referred to as a slut) had given a long winded speech about how if women don’t get free birth control they are being discriminated against and it is just unfair.

So Huffington cries outrage over a college student demanding free birth control, being called a slut… but they are perfectly fine attacking Catholics & Santorum, and they offer no apology.

I will visit Facebook in a little bit to see how the “argument” is progressing on that liberal guy’s page.


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